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  • JAZZY!! JAZZY!! Apr 5, 2008 9:24 PM Flag

    Can STILL play Adam in Round 4

    SIMMER DOWN JAMIE!! he,he,he, don't let yahoo make you blow a gasket,,,we're all waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting,,,,,,,,stay cool


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    • Thanks.. and actually... pretty cool about it... but that's because I've given up on this site..and this format.. and this game... its just time, and it won't be much more time before I won't be remotely thinking about yahoo's fantasy BS stuff.

      What is infuriating..and does get me going is how the NCAA tournament is 100% dependable that the REFS will decide who wins in the end..or have a HUGE amt of input into who makes it..

      when i saw they, the refs, could NOT pull UCLA through..no matter how lopsided they made the calls.. I KNEW Kansas would win.. the refs were not going to lose two in a row.

      The number one team in the nation can only score 12 pts in the first half? come on.. lol.. that's almost ludicrious if it weren't so sad... with 7 min left in the first half the number one Basketball team in the nation has scored TWELVE points.. you think the refs had a LITTLE to do with that.

      YOU BET..that is what is so sad

      Whats even more sad is those refs have kids who will have to go to school Monday and all their friends know what CHEATERS they have for Dads.

      NOW THAT is what is sad and gets me going..

      not this silly silly silly way Yahoo is NOT running their game!


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