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  • Burn-z Burn-z Apr 4, 2008 2:18 PM Flag

    No Excuse

    My house is floating away but I just thought I'd take the time to tell you guys that you should have patience with the scores they will update when they update. My dog just swam past me, Oh well Anyone see that hole out on 13.

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    • LOL...funny comments The Dude, uncle chuck & Burn-z.

      This guy is talking about holding his daughter during a tornado and yet he finds the time to come post a message about having patience. That's classic. Anyway, to that guy...I am not in a tornado clutching to my child. If I were I wouldn't be on here like your dumb @ss. Since I don't have anything major to worry about...I will complain all I want about this meaningless fantasy golf. If you don't like it then don't read the message board.

      I always thought it was funny how someone comes on here to tell someone they are being stupid. If you are going to do that than you have to ask yourself who's dumber? The idiot who is writing something stupid or the idiot that takes the time to write that the other idiot (a stranger) is writing something stupid.

      Remember to crack a window open slightly and sit in the tub during a tornado.

      Good Luck!


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