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  • realdreamcards realdreamcards Apr 2, 2008 7:58 PM Flag

    Power Rankings: Houston Open

    Never...your system sounds interesting. I have developed a system based on rounds over the same period of time as you. If you would like to see the file, here is the Keep Share link:


    Look for the file titled PGA Low Rounds. The key number is the "Player Power" number. You can sort using this column to see how the players compare. There is also a README there at the Keep Share site that explains all the various files there. The "Roster Data" file is especially cool I think. Also, EXCEL versions of the files say EXCEL in the file name. The others are Works files...

    I know your comments were intended for David B., but would I be rude to ask for a copy of your spreadsheet? If you see this post, and if I am not being rude, please send a copy to me at AtlBo@Hotmail.com. I would love to see how you have set things up...

    Thanks, realdreamcards


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