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  • As Real As It Gets As Real As It Gets Mar 30, 2008 12:29 PM Flag

    Cink DQ'ed

    This was posted on RotoWorld.com

    Stewart Cink was disqualified on Sunday from the Zurich Classic.

    Tour Officials said that Cink ran into a recent ruling by a USGA ruling on Rule 13-4a. Cink apparently stood inside a bunker to play a ball that wasn't in the hazard and then hit his next shot into a bunker, at which point he raked the bunker he was standing in. The UGSA recently ruled, "that the player is in breach of Rule 13-4a by testing the condition of a similar hazard. As his ball did not lie in the first bunker, Exception 2 the Rule 13-14 does not apply. Additionally, the answer is the same regardless of whether at the time of the raking he knew his ball lay in the other bunker."