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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 26, 2008 11:16 AM Flag

    Why does Hillary lie. part 2

    Look, I know it's not popular to say but I will say it anyway. And I truely believe it. History will judge George Bush to be one of America's best Presidents. Ever! And that is just my point, Bush could care less about negative public opinion. He does what he feels is right for America. It was inevitable that we would eventually have to plant ourselves in the Middle East We will be there forever. Not 100 years but forever. That might sound bad but in reality, we will keep America secure by pulling them all out of the stone age (even if we have to bomb them back into the stone age) and we will stay until we drain every last drop of oil at moderate prices as well. Maybe by then we will have solar cars or something.

    This is reality and this is American! I don't apologize being American like the liberal commies in this country do. We have liberated more countries in two world wars along with the cold war than any other nation in history. People would be speaking Japanese and German and Russian if not for us. Your damn straight they better sell us cheap oil. We will pay a fair price. We won't steal it even though we could take what we want. We could have destroyed the world ten times over by now if we were an evil nation. We are not. We stand for good. If you think 4 a gallon is alot, try England or Japan where it is 8 and 9 a gallon. If George the first had not gone into Kuwaiit, we'd have bread lines and be paying 10 a gallon by now.

    Sorry for the rant but like I said, I do not apologize for being an American or for putting America first. And to the libs, that is George Bush's biggest crime. He puts America first!

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