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  • Robert S Robert S Mar 16, 2008 8:23 PM Flag

    Tiger the gunslinger!!!!!11

    Look fools!!!!!11 Tiger is the most feared golfe on the planet. Nobody stikes fear in him , he stikes it for everyone else. KUDOS to Bart, he played he just got beat. He definately can hold his head higher than Cink. Now for all you haters, get a life without tiger. You know this means not watching golf.. I'm tired of people not admitting greatness. From Cassius(Ali) to Jeff Gorden. just cause it looks easy doesn't mean it is. look at Tracey Mcgready today. if you can't appreciate an athelete that does make it look easy. Then don't look at someone like Dr. J, don't root for Edwin Moses, don't remember Brooks robinson. Take your funky butt back to the couch and watch Heidi. you do not belong in the sports club. Oh and for you guys that think this is against females. watch some footage of Dominique Dawes how effortlessly she tumbled at a high level. i love an athelete that makes it look like I could do it, yet shows me that I can't.

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    • What does RACE have to do with it??? Not a darn thing...we are talking sports and in every generation there is a SPECIAL athlete that comes along and now it's Tiger, him being part black and asian has nothing to do w/anything...JUST ENJOY WHAT WE ARE SEEING.

    • The problem with tiger is he only plays the minimum events.O f the 11 Yahoo events we have done so far he has been in two of them.Who is afraid of someone who is never around.You only have to worry about him 1/3 of the time.if my boss only showed up 1/3 of the time i sure wouldn't fear him.

    • ....and he's got man boobs! They add 20 yards to your drive.

    • Phil has more talent on his best day. Tiger nor anyone else can touch him when he's right. He also has charisma which Tiger sorely lacks. Phil will sign autographs for hours while Tiger will only do a few in front of the camera. Phil is loved by the people while Tiger is merely respected. True, Phil is nowhere near as consistent as Tiger but as I said, when he's right he's a mean green jacket wearing machine. Tiger will be a legend and Phil may not get there. First, Tiger must break Byron AND Jacks records. The bar is set higher for him with all his zombies touting his skills every minute. Now just wait for Phil to take his grand slm. This is Phils year. Most likely he will even win this week but he is priming for Augusta so we'll see.

    • edward edward edward, didnt you see Fluff yet about that tigorsism? Phil rules because he has skills which are unrivaled. And he has charisma, something Tiger sorely lacks. Phil is a man for the people while Tiger is unapproachable and self centered. True, Phil has problems with staying focused and is nowhere near as consistent as Tiger but on Phils best days, Tiger nor anyone else can touch him. As for legends, I never said Phil was one and I never said Tiger wouldn't be one day. First he must either break byron or Jacks record. The way the zombies talk, he had better do both. The problem Tiger has is he is burned out. He will not be able to turn it on at will as he did against the old man on Sunday. Just wait eddie, Phil will win this week most likely and of course the Masters to begin his grand slam. Then this will all become clear to you. Now take off that red nike shirt and throw away all your gillette razors. It's not healthy for you

    • You say that Tiger is not a legend. So then why does Phil rule? Who has been the player of the year? Who more more?

      Answer both of those question please (with kurtusey).

    • Listen littlenuts, why is it ok for you to outwardly be a hater of Phil but ok for you to call some of us Tiger haters. I am not a Tiger hater as you hate Phil. I never was derogatory towerd him as the Phil haters are. The man boobs etc. I only speak the truth. And that hurts the Nike, Brandon Chamblee brainwashed zombies. That truth is that Lord Byron could beat Tiger 9 of 10 with a bent tree branch. Imagine if he and Jack had todays equipment. Your point about todays caliber of players is laughable. Todays player is lucky if they could get their tour card when Jack played. Here is what you need to know. Phil Rules and Jack is the greatest of all time and will always be. PERIOD!

    • I'm glad this topic is still up. Again I'll say to you guys who talk shit bout Tiger, your all losers. I'd have to say your probably very jealous. Oh and for Phil winning the next five majors, that's a joke, Mickelson is fat.. and you think Biron or Jack could beat Tiger all in their prime..ha. They didn't play with guys half the caliber they are now. and not too mention the conditions the courses are set up now for them. Just give your head a shake.

    • LOL...next 5 majors, that's funny considering he doesn't even have 5 in his career. He'll be lucky to win 1 of the next 5.

    • Tell me Kurt isn't it time to get some air and pull your head out of the sand. The world is actually quite nice when you live in it and not in a fantasy world.

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