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    How to identify a Tiger Zombie!

    They can be found in all walks of life. Usually they wear red nike shirts. They also are known to have posters of Tiger all over their room. The ones that are badly infected usually have a poster on their ceiling. You know what they do while staring at it. They all have a tape of Tigers 2001 Masters. They all talk constantly of the famous up - down lip hanging putt. They can be seen fist pumping when they time a yellow light or win a dollar on a scratch off ticket. They all are secretly jealous of Phil and Amy and are sexually obsessed with man boobs. They hide their faces in fear in the presence of Fluff or Jack. Much like vampires do with a cross. They are also jealous of Michelle Wie. And finally, if you fail to identify them by now, you can always peek into their back yards and you'll see them constantly practising bouncy bally on their irons. Oh yeah, almost forgot. They all drive Buicks and always purposely lock themselves out of their cars.

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    • Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny! Kurt you are not funny!

      it is time for you to shut up. Are you like 5 years old or something.

    • how to identify kurt:
      usually on his computer thinking of very very small, distasteful anti-tiger insults,not usually funny and very rarely offensive, will probably be smiling at his own self-worth while doing this.
      sometimes found wandering the streets seeking attention, either male or female as he has no friends and gets little attention from his family. on the off chance that he might be outside and not on his computer ripping tiger to shreds, he'll be wondering if anyone replied to any of his 'tiger zombie posts' in excitement and anticipation of a small argument.
      might find his room littered with phil, vijay, jack, byron posters, or maybe even a tiger poster with crayoned devil horns or a fake moustache (teehee)
      his attire might commonly be recognised as your stereotypical geek, jeans or trousers pulled up to the belly button, checkered shirt tucked into his trousers, maybe a bow tie and some glasses, hair likely to be gelled or greased and brushed backas flat to his head as possible. might be seen with spots depending on his age, which one would guess at between 12 and 14.
      the most distinguishable feature about kurt might be the people around him pointing and laughing, while kurt mutters something back to them about zombies or tiger, further proving that his obsession for tiger is far greater than the so called zombies he mocks on a daily basis

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      • Fluff will offer free Tigorcisims to badly infected zombies. What he usually does is have them watch Phils great vertical leap after winning his first Masters. He has them do this 1,000 times. Then he has them watch Jacks Masters victory at age 46 a few hundred times. If this does not cure them, Fluff will then make them watch Tigers great struggle with Bob May. If that is not enough, Fluff then insists that they sell their Buicks and burn their red nike shirts. This usually gets most but for hard cases like mike h, you know, the kind who will attack anyone who says a harsh word about his hero, Fluff usually has them caddy for Jack. Just once!


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