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  • David David Mar 5, 2008 12:51 AM Flag

    Report: Choi in PODS field

    According to the article "An Easy Rise" located on the home page of Fantasy Golf, Michael Arkush points out that K.J. Choi has decided at the last minute to enter the field for the PODS Championship. This would be great news because he has won the tourney twice and finished 4th last year. However, I cannot find any other source not even Pgatour.com, that has him in this week's field. I guess it is something to keep an eye on.

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    • A new feature this year in Yahoo Fantasy Golf is that only golfers who are playing will be availble on the list to select from. So if he is there, he is likely entered. (Unless Yahoo doesn't update the list...in which case no one would be able to selct him.)

    • Yeah, this is just another example of how pathetic Yahoo is. They believed what Arkush said so much that they updated Choi's player profile to reflect the report, as seen with this link


      I just don't understand why Yahoo makes it seem SOO DIFFICULT to get all the NE's and updated fields straight. Well i was skeptical of the report when i first saw it too, because after all it was Yahoo. Anyways, it is surprising to see that Choi is deciding to play in the Ballantines Championship in Korea and skip out on the Arnold Palmer Invitational. I think he would have been a great pick next week because he has taken Jack's and Tiger's tourneys in the past year, and now its Arnie's tourney.

    • Choi is not in the PODS field. He is preparing to take a trip to Korea, where he will play in the Ballantines Championship.

      Choi did enter the FBR Open at the last minute a few week's ago after he missed the cut at the Buick Invitational. So maybe he is getting confused with that move by Choi in mind.

    • he is in error. It is well past the deadline to enter this week's PODS tournament. Choi will NOT be in Florida this week.......

    • If K. J. Choi is in the field I think that will change alot about this tournament. Ernie and K. J. Group A for sure.

      I think things are starting to shape up for the Masters and the WGC, too...if this is true...seems to be a sort of a power play happening to get a non-American in the green jacket this year...maybe even Appleby? It would be cool to get an Australian in the green jacket for the first time...

      Maybe Choi has a deal with the Australians that he'll work with them in exchange for considerations later this year and next...like a major!

      I love conspiracies!

      Team Cash

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      • What? LOL

        What are you talking about some conspiracy to get a non-American in a green jacket. It would be nice, but I don't know about people in the PGA trying to bump up the odds. I guess maybe their is some incentive for that, but we all know who gets the highest ratings....El Tigre.

        The PGA is an entertainment business first. So it's primary concern is ratings. Higher ratings means more sponsorship, advertising, merchandise, etc. If the PGA wants anyone to win based on ratings, it's Tiger. His ratings are always the highest (and all over the world). There's also alot of buzz about this being the year Tiger gets the Grand Slam. Imagine how much higher the ratings would get for the U.S. Open if he won the Masters, and so on.


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