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  • Dave Dave Feb 28, 2008 10:20 PM Flag

    Attn: Dale-e

    As I said before, that was a cheap and totally unethical post on Boo. You, my little punk, are headed for a woeful life if this is the kind of shirt you pull in something as insignificant as a fantasy sport. What else will seem okay as your life goes on, stealing from your employer? Not paying your taxes? Stealing intellectual property like music and movies? (Oh, I'll bet you are a big music thief.) With that kind of approach you'll never be a welcome participant in an actual fantasy league, unless you play with arses like yourself. Not knowing who the frick you are I pulled him from my team last night just to cover myself. Too bad for me, because I wanted to be rooting for him while I watch golf this weekend. Oh well, at least I have Donald as my C player.

    Oh, and here's a great irony (look up the word dude): This tournament was won last year by a guy (Mark Wilson) who called a two-stroke penalty on himself and then came back to win in a playoff. That's good karma. You have none of that.

    Good luck in this, and in your life. You need tons.

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