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  • David David Feb 16, 2008 8:37 PM Flag

    Match Play

    I don't understand why Yahoo can't include the Accenture Match Play Championship into the Fantasy golf schedule. Instead we are stuck picking players for the Mayakoba tournament, which nobody cares about. I understand that there would have to be a new scoring format since there are no official scores, but there could be a point system based upon how many wins a player gets. For instance, for a first round win it could be like 10 points, second round win 20 points, and then increase the point totals for each round until the finals. I mean that doesn't seem very complicated to me, but I guess Yahoo either can't figure it out or just doesn't care. It is just like those deadlines that are HOURS before the round actually begins and yahoo continues to leave it like that when everybody hates it.

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