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  • Raul Raul Feb 8, 2008 7:12 PM Flag

    Are These Golfers Playing In The AT&T

    I don't understand the "sacred" database comment. Doesn't anybody with an internet connection (like you right now) have access to the best database in the world??

    Also with or without a database, there is no secret formula. With your A list the best formula is to go with the big proven names (i.e. Tiger, Furyk, Phil). Over the long stretch those guys will give you the most points. For B & C list, it's go with who's hot and has a good track record at that event. How hard is that to understand? I cannot see what "secret formula" is better than what I just described. Good luck!

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    • OK.. if its all so easy.. what percentile are YOU in..whats YOUR name.. why doesn't it show up where I can go look at how YOU are doing? I find that those who are atop the leader board have NOT DONE what you have just described. Take about ten minutes of your time and go LOOK AND SEE instead of trying to talk down to someone you know nothing about..Three years ago my handicap was 0.6.... how low has yours EVER been... tell the truth... had two hole in ones on THE Championship course in this area.. both over 185 yards long in the same year..So talk down some more! Good grief... its amazing how BRILLIANT some think they are..yet you never see them leading anything. Would love to play YOU in a skins game.. Back Tees if you like!!