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    Are These Golfers Playing In The AT&T

    I may be a tad slow sometimes..but I usually catch on eventually.. I just wonder if anybody else is aware that the below players are playing in this tournament.. they are, right? I'm not in the twilight zone? And... next question.. a little tougher.. did ANYBODY find ANY OF THEM available to pick as a player? If not.. then the next question become even trickier.. Lets say one of them shoots lights out... and another shoots pretty close to lights out... now you have the golfer that shot the BEST ROUND of those that we were allowed to pick from..but their score is like 6 strokes less than the player who shot lights out that we were NOT allowed to pick because Yahoo didn't have them available. I understand if its only one or two players... but this list I have....well.. its a bit more than one or two... and I really don't understand the complexity of making the names available... there are lists EVERYWHERE by the PGA of who is playing...anyway.. here is that list that I show they are playing in the AT&T but we were not allowed to have them as picks on our team...

    Andrew Magee
    Bob Burns
    Bob May
    Bob Sowards
    Brandel Chamblee
    Brent Geiberger
    Carlos Franco
    Chad Collins
    Chris Smith
    Colt Knost
    Craig Barlow
    Craig Stadler
    D.A. Points
    Dan Forsman
    David Frost
    Dudley Hart
    Grant Waite
    Greg Kraft
    Guy Boros
    J.L. Lewis
    James Driscoll
    Jay Delsing
    Jim Gallagher, Jr.
    Jim McGovern
    Jimmy Walker
    Joel Kribel
    Joey Sindelar
    John Huston
    John Morse
    Jonathan Kaye
    Jonathan Moore
    Keith Clearwater
    Kenneth Ferrie
    Kris Cox
    Kyle Thompson
    Larry Mize
    Len Mattiace
    Marc Turnesa
    Mark Brooks
    Martin Laird
    Mike Heinen
    Mike Wilson
    Neal Lancaster
    Olin Browne
    Paul Claxton
    Paul Stankowski
    Peter Jacobsen
    Phil Tataurangi
    Richard Johnson
    Rick Leibovich
    Robert Damron
    Robert Floyd
    Ron Whittaker
    Ross Fisher
    Ryan Dillon
    Scott McCarron
    Scott Sterling
    Shane Bertsch
    Skip Kendall
    Spike McRoy
    Steve Pate
    Tom Byrum
    Tom Scherrer
    Willie Wood
    Y.E. Yang

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    • you got it Steve.. I relinquish the board back to the MEN..the ones with the FOUL mouths who can't handle anybody giving an opinion but THEM...,and for heavens sakes it better not be a female... I've watched these men trash talk each other from behind the annonimity of their screen hurling insults and threats to each other as if they are going to do bodily harm to the other if they so much as breath again..its pure comical...SO... i return the board to the likes of them.. ya'll get after it... color me.. as Kitty Kallen sang in My Coloring Book.. "gone"!!!!!

    • sorry jamie but ive read what u say and u r the one with foot in mouth. u need to grow up and get a life sweetie.

    • Like I give a F*CK if you IGGY me, LMFAO ROTFL you IGNORANT Biotch.

    • do YOU feel more like a MAN now... Dumb "F"... I've had TWO hole in ones on a regulation course...I'm proud of them..the others came on a neighborhood SHORT par 3 course..that was there FOR FUN..and I played 100 holes a day..,most days .. for years and years.. what a jerk you are also..and now...YOU are gone.. POOF..just like that..and not a thought about it.now go post whatever you want to.. I'll not read it..

      and go BUY a game.. its obvious you don't have one or you'd appreciate someone who does..


      too funny

      bye HE MAN!!!

      you are permanently iggy'd!!

    • Jamie,
      You're an IGNORANT & ARROGANT SOB. If you're SO GREAT like you pop off to be, Why is'nt your SKANKY ASS out on the LPGA Tour getting all these holes in one you claim to have?

      A$$wipes like yourself that go around and BRAG to be good at something usually ARE'NT and are just truely PATHETIC.

      Get real BIOTCH.

    • Do you EVER read before inserting your foot in your mouth,.. Your reading comprehension level is REALLY REALLY low... first, I challenged you head to head and I notice you never found that one..several wrote me personally and ASSURED ME you would NEVER take me up on THAT challenge

      And goof ball..I said the 18 hole par 3 course wasn't a lot.. it just did give you a short game..and that the longest hole on it was 120 yards.. if YOU had only read.

      My two hole in ones came on the most prestigous course in the area... a full fledged country club and one was even during a full fledged tournament GOOF BALL..you are the very type that slow the rounds up, swagger all about the club house, slur your speech, look like the jerk you show yourself to be here..

      And BEFORE the GOLF CHANNEL announces things on the air they DO verifty them *A*... can some folks lie and get their pro to lie for them..sure... just most don't... and its was a big thing hearing your name called out on National Television.. the Golf Channel.. I can rest assure we will NEVER hear your name on it.. will we..

      unless they give a trophy for coming in 3,567the place in some FANTASY yahoo golf league.. but hey, if that's whats your thing..then glory be. ...

      What a real jerk you must be to be around.. Thank heavens I don't have to be around you.. and with this post.. you go right into the iggy bin..

      I have no time for folks like you... but you won't believe me and will post right along.. believe me.. YOU ARE GONE.. POOF! Just like that.. bye bye!!!

    • This is classic comedy. You're hilarious Jamie. X-box games in plastic, 30 hole in ones, golf channel appearances. Can't anyone who makes a hole in one submit their info to the Golf Channel so they can announce it. Hmmm. BTW a made 60 yard shot is not a hole in one. That's a chip-in. Any closer and you're playing putt-putt.

      Anyways, good luck on # 31.

    • Actually.. in fact.. my name was mentioned on "The Golf Channel".. for both having two hole in ones.. the same year... and coming within an inch on both of the other par 3s.. during that same year.. while dropping handicap... from 12 to 4.. at the time the comment was aired...

      And I'm not sure Xbox was even out then.. I do have a wii and find the golf game to be lame... I have the Tiger Woods game but its still in the plastic...

      I do enjoy the wii bowling though...

      Have Zelda still in the plastic wrap... and have that guitar thingie still wrapped up.. the one somebody paid a Dad over nine thousand dollars for at Christmas time..I never do understand stories like that..

      But thanks for the well wishes with my xbox hole in one... Never had one of those..

      and btw.. I have like 30 hole in ones ... but.. that's no big thing as I was raised on a par 3 course.. changed the holes at least once a month.. played the dark 9 holes many nights.. 9 were lit, 9 were not... I've seen them come from out of bounds to go in the hole.. wrap up in the flag and fall in... bounce off trees and a fence to go in.. one hit the club house on 18 and came back to go in... but the par 3 course.. it was short.. longest hole was 120 yards..and first hole was like 60 yards...

      It was fun..and it did teach you a short game...

      that most don't seem to have... most seem to just want to stand up there and BOMB IT AWAY... that seems to be what is important... oh well...

    • Jamie we don't care how good you are at Tiger '08. I know hole in ones on X-Box are tough...Congrats

    • well then tell me the field for the next 4 weeks. I guarantee you won't find this on PGATOUR.com. The field is published the Friday before the field at 5et or as soon as possible after that.

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