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    THE Preview In Review!!!

    First let me begin by saying... "GOOD GRIEF"... what a joke... ok.. now that that is out of the way.. Lets take a look at this great preview that took SO SO SO SO long to get up.

    First, it went up too late for ANYBODY to use. I kept checking up until Midnight for it... It showed up after my picks were already locked in for the entire tournament. Is the info a secret? Is it NOT SUPPOSED to help people. Guess I misunderstood its purpose.

    OK, for the picks.. One of the five they tell us to pick is .. lets see... who would a blind man, with no speech, no legs, no arms pick.. Well DUH.. thanks preview Phil... we sure appreciate you bringing that to our attn.. A nice note might have been.... "since we all know Phil is hot here, having a good start for the year.. we won't use up one of the five picking him.. You are on your own if you leave him out" Then give us five picks

    Moving right along, their next GREAT pick to help us is Arron Oberholser... LOL!! Thanks a lot.. a nice pick..if only he was playing.. They picked a NE!!! woo hoo! So there is 40% of their hot five gone... with ZERO help to us

    They pick yet another A player... Vijay Singh.. last I checked we can only have 2 A players on our team.. so we flip a coin between the THREE you gave us.

    The final two are Daniel Chopra and Tim Clark. Thanks for all this great help... Wonder why Furyk didn't make their list.. Just go with ALL A players

    The Avoids... lol.. so so ridiculous

    First we being with a NE!! Nope .... folks Jesper is not entered, never was entered, and you use up 20% of your avoid picks giving us a NE!!! way to go.. Just pick four more like this and you'll finally have some avoids that don't make the cut. They also won't make the first tee. Jesper won't... So prob a pretty good avoid!!

    Now, the remaining four are also ALL B Players...

    Lets see.. you give us Davis Love III who, next to Phil may have the very best record at this tournament of ALL ENTRIES.. why? he has a sprained ankle. I don't imagine he'd be playing if he felt that was going to hurt him. And quite frankly I've never had a better round than when I played at my sickest..KNEW I WAS SICK.. and... beared down... oh well.. Maybe Davis doesn't know how to do that

    We have Justin Leonard who may be the most popular pick of the field...We'll see how good your avoid is here... Then we will round it out with Jason Gore, and Johnson Wagner...

    That's some fine advice folks... Wonder how much of a living you'd make it you tried to SELL that BS!!! I doubt many here would support you..

    But, thanks a lot for the laugh.. It is a laugher... I'll give you that...

    Next week.. lets rename it.. The After It Is Too Late To Use Preview Info!!!

    But then not much there for us to use anyway.. is it!

    OK, rambled on way too long but just my two cents!


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    • Where is your preview thunder thighs? Nothing like someone complaining without the moxy to step up to the plate themselves.

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      • Where is mine? I can ASSURE YOU I have better data base than he does..and probably a better data base than anybody on here. I'm still working on the "formula" that will give automatically the best picks for the upcoming tournament. I have the results of any golfer that has played in any one of the past tournaments for every year back to 2004... what place they came in and what their score was... and I am usually WAITING ON YAHOO to decide who THEY are going to let us pick..to get on with what I do... I seem to STAY AHEAD of them.. If you truly would like to take a look at the data..and not just go off half cocked.... then email me at jamiet713@yahoo.com and NICELY ask to see the data for this previous tournament..THEN, if you feel you were WRONG in your previous comment.... how about a nice word here to admit that...we'll see... Good Luck to you...and for now, still new to this..but learning fast... got 48 points yesterday in this tourament and certainly didn't get any help from "The Weakest Link, aka the preview sheet" as it was out way too late to help anybody. I did notice though 75% of the avoids they mentioned finished in the top 26..at two under..bet most wish they had had that!! Nuff... we'll see if I get that email.. and I'll send it to anybody who asks...

    • haha laughing my ass of, tht was so good i,m just going to see where i can get a copy of tht girls blog,...
      Also just so you people know the person tht does the preveiw ain,t tht good i think i,ve beaten him every-week so far,...
      And jamie i really look forward to your next posting,..
      slan awil,...

    • Vara suck this year so far.

    • You are right on with this one Jamie....great job and looking forwarding to seeing more of your "on the point" views from now on! WTG!


    • Look cupcake if your depending on Vara to help you make your picks then you shouldnt be involved in playing this game. Its a total crap shoot regardless of who any expert says. Im can look at a number of golfers to win this tournament and then look at a number of players who cant win and eliminate those. Thats over half the field. Then I figure whos hot and whos not and work from there and then compare my picks to those of the experts. I got Harrington this week for the A list backed up by Phil. Why not go out on a limb? The expert picks have been in quite a long time and if you want to read articles on this tournament read last years because youll get the same info out of it....

    • I agree the previews are no help at all


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