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  • Yea for fantasy golf its not the best thing, but its the same for everyone. As for the people crying that its all about giving the bigger names more tv time and also getting high ratings I say to them DUHUUHHH.

    Of course its comes down to ratings somehow, so what, whats the big deal. If you ran a business wouldn't you do what's most profitable? Of course you would, so who cares and stop crying. If it bothers you so much stop watching golf. Laters.

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    • Just making some good points becuase as a true fan of golf i like watching guys like tiger woods and also people like anthony kim or stewart cink. It make sense but they are just looking to make the rich man more richer for the big business and the fed ex cup is mostly for tv rating.If you actually read what i said i talked about the cut rule, dont waste anyones time going off about a minute detail in what i said. Give it up you cant win with me, and for the stop watching golf part your funny i know about most every golfer in the game not just the big names like some. take care yall i hope Cink wins this wkend.

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      • See the problem is that no one likes the rule because it hurt their fantasy group. I haven't heard one person complain about the new cut rule without also mentioning that they don't have a guy from their B or C group. IT'S EVEN FOR EVERYONE. And who cares about the "conspiracy" of the rich man getting richer?? What it does is force the average Joe golfer to improve if he wants to play weekends. Thereby improving the quality of play in the long term. If you're a REAL fan wouldn't you want that?

        SC, what are you talking about "don't go off on a minute detail"?? Your whole point doesn't make sense. If X or Y play like sh*t then they dont deserve to play on the weekend and why would you want to watch them over the leaders anyway?? As for the "you can't win with me", that's something I've only heard women say. Never heard a man say that before....so what are you a woman or a flamer?


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