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  • The Duke The Duke Jan 22, 2008 9:33 AM Flag

    Tiger is the greatest but

    I wish he was a little more accessible .He only plays the minimum amount of tournaments and most golf fans will never get to see him play live.The LPGA requires every player to play in each tournament every 4 years.We have a small LPGA tournament and we got to see Anika twice.
    Tiger also gets criticized for not getting involved with the crowd.I can't blame him for that.There are just too many dangerous nuts out there.

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    • Does anyone realy expect Tiger who is heavily endorsed by Buick to play in the Chrysler classic???
      Also the man is too serious a golfer to get involved in the Bob Hope Pro-Am. it's just too circus like and unfortunately I think too dangerous a venue for him.
      Just my oppinion.

    • He should at least have enough respect to play in something as old as the Bob Hope....Arnie....Jack....Lee...these guys played them all...until he does things like this he will never be the greatest...

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      • I don't understand the logic behind not playing the Hope doesn't make Tiger the greatest?? I'm pretty sure that if you asked those same old timers you mentioned (Jack, Arnie, etc.), they will tell you Tiger is the greatest. I'm sure if he did enter the Hope that last ten years, he would have been the odds on favorite. So why again does not playing this one tournament not make him the greatest??

        Also, back in Arnie & Jack's day there weren't too many tournaments throughout the year. If they played today, they would miss some tourneys as well.


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