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  • Flowing Robes Flowing Robes Jan 4, 2008 11:14 AM Flag

    Discussion about the worst fantasy players

    First, Wullwillwin, or whatever of the 50 different names he is going by at this time, is out to sabotage your league. Any commish should beware of his BS.

    Tim W, or Team Redding as he likes to go by, should always be called Team Rodding Young Boys...he likes it. After Deaf Squad bailed on his elimination league last year mid season (and when I say bailed I mean he deleted himself from his own league) we remaining teams decided we would either boot ourselves or put *** next to our name. Team Redding decided to act like the gaping vagi na that he is and do neither.

    And then there is RonSox, what a waste of space this labia is in your league...laughable!

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    • this is all a crock of shit

    • wull is both haselhorst29 and Chief0016 in this topic...how many IDs are you going to use to defend yourself you jackass

    • ive been in at least 5 leagues with wull and hes never tried to "sabotage" any of them.

    • This is all true about Wull. He's managed to get me booted a few times. He does not like it when you confront him on any thing. He is definatly a crybaby.

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      • Yeh. He's even got ten teams in our League and we have no clue who they are. Don't approach this Guy....boot him from all your Leagues. He's in there hiding. Create as many id's as you can, cause he can't get to you when you are the entire league. After you create the entire league of yourself be sure to forget the password or he will try to get it from you and it will all start again. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    • How many id's do you have????

      by: chief0016
      Jan 4 8:42am
      My guess would be that you are chris.bubba....haaa

      by: haselhorst29
      Jan 4 8:37am
      Someone used your name and posted to the commish, "Go fuck yourself you skirt wearing punk". Now everybody else except the commish knows it wasn't you that posted. Hey chief what do you think of that chris.bubba is the Scotts league.

      Sorry to see that Chili....
      by: chief0016
      Jan 4 8:18am
      I too am riding under the radar in the Scotsman league. Wull made fake ID's to look like you and Haselhorst29, then posted foul language to get you the boot. Laredog did stick up for you by letting the commish know you were not the one posting foul language, but he is trying to get the boot for anyone that has a new ID. We'll see how it goes.

      Oh, I still live in the Scottish league...
      by: mtlinscomb
      Jan 4 8:15am
      see if you can figure out who???

      Hey Chilli
      by: haselhorst29
      Jan 4 6:57am
      can you believe that Scottish group.

      • 1 Reply to chief0016
      • ha...wull made another fake ID. I am the real chief0016 (notice the font in previous message). A guy named wull is impersonating me. He has an ID that looks like mine spelled cheif0016, and now he has made one spelled the same way with a different font (notice the lettering). This wull character has made ID's in other leagues to look like other managers...ID's that I know are Wulls = wull, wullwillwin, wullwillwin2, wullwillwinmatchplay, cheif0016 (notice the incorrect spelling), chief0016 (spelled correct but in a different font), haslehorst29 (spelled to look like the true haselhorst29...he also made one that is spelled correctly as haselhorst29 but in a different font) and chili dip.

        Look at the fantasy profiles...the real chief0016 has been participating in yahoo fantasy sports for 8 years...all other ID's are fake and made new this year.


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