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  • David W David W Dec 15, 2007 1:46 PM Flag

    deleting team

    How do I delete a golf team?

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    • Actually its titled "We want you in our League" sorry for the confusion. Its back on the 2nd page, maybe 3rd by the time you read this.


    • Thats a very vague question. Are you the commish? If so, just go to your home league page and click on Commish tools. The rest will be obvious.
      If you are a player, go to Yahoos Fantasy Sports Home page and go to the red Fantasy Sports icon on the top righthand side of the page, it should show your name and league. It will ask if you want to be removed from group or league. The rest is easy.


      P.S. if you are looking for a new league, check the info on my league in one of todays posts. Its titled "Looking for a few good managers"

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      • I've got the same problem, and like the original poster, no one seems to understand what we are asking. Everyone gives instructions on how to remove your team from a group.

        That's not it. I've created a new Golf team, and I decided I don't want to play. It's not a member of any group at the moment. But the team still shows up in my fantasy profile, and if it stays there through the whole season, it will lower my "player rating" because it will be scoring zero. So how do I DELETE my team completely?

      • I made a team, but have not joined or started a league. I have found a couple of answers that said to click on edit next to the team name, and that's how to delete. but... I don't have any "edit" next to my team. A couple of answers said to just ignore the team, and don't worry about it; but that makes your fantasy profile look bad.


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