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  • Newkie Newkie Dec 13, 2007 10:52 PM Flag

    2nd to none guaranteed. Are you looking for an active league?

    Trying to find a few good players to add to a 4th year Yahoo Fantasy Golf League. Best league out there guaranteed. Last yr we had a small league of 27 players. ( I am trying to keep it small, but want a few more good managers to build our league up) All but one of those 27 set there lineups religously. The depth of the league is second to none, and have had a different player get into the overall top 50 board 3 straight years. If you want to be part of a group of managers that are very active in setting there lineups no matter what place they are in, and a league that has had over 1000+ posts every yr, you may be a good fit for the league. Also a good way to get into the Fantasy Sports circle for some of our leagues. (alot of the players play in all the Fantasy Sports Leagues we have going)
    Please email me at aggriffin3@yahoo.com if interested.
    I am trying to have a total of 30-35 managers. Also, we compete against 7-10 other leagues in a competition called League of Leagues (which is the top 10 managers scores against the other leagues top 10) So another game inside of our league to look forward to. Need to get managers by the end of December.



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    • I am looking to join a league of hardcore fantasy nerds. This is my first year of fantasy golf but, if you check my credentials you will see that I am more than qualified to join.

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      • As I have mentioned before, email me if you are interested. In this case, since this league is not made up of Golf Nerds, it might not be a good fit for you. But if anyone else is interested in joining a competitive, knowledgable, 4th yr league, I am looking for a couple more people to build our small league up from 28 to 30+. The depth of the managers is in this league have proven to be 2nd to none, and hopefully I can fill those last two spots that I am looking for with an equally compeitive, active, knowledgable manager.


    • I am looking for a competitive league can I get in yours??? mmoyer04@yahoo.com

    • Still need a couple more managers. This league has proven to stand the test of time and If your looking for a league you can count on to be there every yr, then this might be your kind of league.
      1st, 2nd and full season awards, along with the before mentioned League of Leagues competition.
      Don't let this oportunity pass you by, Where Eagles Dare can be your new long term home.
      email me at aggriffin3@juno.com if interested



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