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    New Yahoo! Fantasy Golf League PLS READ

    Sorry to interrupt the flow, but Yahoo! Fantasy Golf has opened for registration and all leagues are private and invitation only. This means that anyone who would like to join a league must have the league ID and password to do so. I just opened a league, and I am hoping for 50-250 members...Here is the post I've been posting...

    A new Yahoo! Fantasy Golf League has opened "The World Tour 2008"

    Group ID: 772
    Password: PGAworld

    Anyone who would like to play the Yahoo! golf game can join between now and
    January 2, the day before the start of the first tournament...All leagues are
    private, so you'll need the league (group) ID and password above to join this league...to join go to the
    Yahoo! Fantasy Golf page and follow the links to create your team, then use
    the Group ID and Password to join this existing private group...

    here is the link to the Yahoo! Fantasy Golf page:


    The Yahoo! format is simple and challenging to play...8 player teams, 4 starters, which can be
    changed each day, and 10 starts per player (any number of starts in 10
    tournaments, not 10 total round starts)

    As always, creativity is great but keep the team names clean, and PLEASE invite your
    friends and league compatriots to join...

    League Commissioner
    Team Cash

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