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  • Kevin Kevin Apr 2, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Help with Noah!

    I'm in fantasy championship and wondering if you all could tell me what to do with Noah? All of Dallas' players are available.. Mayo, Kaman, Marion, Brand, Wright.... should I pick up one of them? Need blocks.

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    • lol im in the same situation. im in 5 money leagues and all of them i drafted noah and am in the last homestand... it said he might come back within the next two games, but im also not sure if i should drop him. but if i were to drop him, id take marion. hes a good all rounder, and he can get u blocks. kaman / brand / wright all can get u blocks but u never know who carlisle will deploy, so i wouldn't risk it. mayos not gonna get u blocks and his shoulder is wack, so ye marion. if anything, drop noah and get gibson, thats a pretty good bet, then stream him or try to snipe back noah wee early in the morning cause i doubt another team would pick noah up since he would prolly have one game left after ur drop date expires.


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