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  • Jeremy Jeremy Mar 30, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

    Drop Tyson or Vucevic?

    Andre Drummond is still available in my 12team H2H and niether Tyson or Nikola have a timetable as when to return.

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    • Jeremy: 1)As you know by now Vucevic is back! So he should be good to go and looked good last night! 2) Who knows with T.Chandler????? Good thing about Chandler is he plays April 2,3,5,7 with 2 and 7 being slow days which will maximize roster games for you. But also AD plays april 1,3,6,7 which maximizes days 6 and 7 for you! 3) There is no real difference in the 2 players because they give you similiar cat's but i worry about Chandler,Jeremy! He's been pushed back then pushed again this time with neck strain. last report I heard was that when he lifted arms it hurt neck and he had on/off shooting pain in one arm! I'd hate to stake my playoff week on the unknown/DTD tag!!!!! 4)I'd check today for any updates on Chandler then make a move(still surprised AD is available but people might be nervous about him too). I hear anymore I'll post back to you,OK!

    • id drop tyson chandler. but he could be back any day.
      if you need help now, then do whatever you need to do now and not regret it later.


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