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  • Topak Topak Mar 28, 2013 11:41 PM Flag

    Jameer Nelson... Sit or start week 23(apr 1-7)

    Will the magic rest jameer and give the other PGs more playing time... since they're out of the playoffs... Or do they keep playin him for veteran leadership since afflalo is sidelined?

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    • Looks like you made the right choice,man! Wish his FG% was higher but beno did look pretty good!

    • Commish: Nelson might have just answered your question for you! Out in 1st quarter already with what NBC sports calling a strained ankle. Not to return! Sorry man.

    • Commish: Just wanted you to see shane's problem! He'd already went to yahoo with the suggestions you gave him/logging complaints etc. I also sent him to the bottom of regular Yahoo sports page where there are different ways to contact management. No luck or response! Really felt terrible for the guy because he played fairly all season,made the playoffs,week 21 beat the heck out of 1 of the commish's friends,bad trades started(no w/w whole season) and commish ended up getting some higher ranked players. Then the commish totally blocked him out and he couldn't even set his team for this week's semi's. On top of that the 3 friends started harrassing him over the e-mail/posts. He started out lost what to do that's why I helped him. Then he started getting more angrier by trhe day,then just gave up trying. Told him just play public next year stay away from private/customized league's. 1) My info help any on who to start?

    • Don't think you can bench Nelson! Moore has been giving Nelson a blow now and then and Udrih is playing more of the 2 spot than PG. I believe the magic are trying to also see how the rooks play with Nelson. I live near Orlando and I haven't read anything that suggests shutting down Nelson!

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      • Thanks David! I like to start only 1 PG since the league(H2H points; weekly roster change) im in dont value assists... i have Dragic as my other PG... i made a right decision this week because they benched Dragic... Just making sure I give my best next week since i'm in the semis... by the way... Dragic has 3 games next week and Nelson has 4... so starting Nelson makes sense(im just cautious of coaches shutting down players)... Thanks again!


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