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  • Ran-d Ran-d Mar 25, 2013 11:06 PM Flag

    Garnett, should I drop him or wait 2 weeks?

    The reason why I still don't drop him is I got plenty of good bigs
    Hibbert, Chandler, Lee, Wright, Tiago also I picked Martin to cover 1 or 2 days of this week. But I'll drop him since Chandler will play tomorrow.

    And second, the playoffs in the league where I'm playing begins next week so I can play him for the final week of playoffs.

    Big available Week 23 - 24
    Davis 4 - 3
    McBob 4 - 3
    Jonas 4 - 3

    And none of them will play in the days I need, lol, Tuesday and Thursday and that leaves me with this options.
    Gibson, Nate, Nazr Brand, Kaman,M. James for both days?? Diaw for Thursday?? I have 4 trades per week so I need to gamble, lol. After these 2 days, Saturday I need at least 2 of them. Dropping Garnett now only benefit I found is it will save me a trade for next week.

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    • Ran-d: Big Hoops night,man! Hey what do you think about adding Detwiler? He comes off W/W tonight and although #5 starter some feel he's as good as several other Nat's starters! Also thinking of Dropping Sean Marshall for Clippard. Both seem like their the 7th-8th inning options right now. Any help appreciated and good luck tonight!

    • OK Ran-d your baseball opinion now! As I thought 3/27 hit and all these other players used the w/w and now i'm #2 w/w already. Your thoughts and have you heard anything on these pitcher's,OK: 1) I put B.Beachy on DL and used empty roster spot to add Rosenthall,at least for awhile. Motte supposedly out 2 weeks and i own Boggs already with Rosenthal as 8th inning guy. 2) here's the list: Detwiler(did well last year and several of these BB managers went offense and are scrambling for SP's and RP's. I guy actually traded Sandoval for RP,not a closer, Segura and some one else. Si I think detwiler may be fairly good this year). W.Peralta,Liriano,Luebke(SD. Had promising start last year but hurt arm and back this year). Finally Rp's Casilla and Clippard(was dropped the 27th). Thoughts on these

    • Yo Ran-d you around man! One question for you. looks like drummond might be very close to return,possibly tommorrow! With Amir Johnson hurt, but traveling with team,would you drop Amir if needing those blocks,steals and FG% Drummond supplies. He might not last long on W/W! Thanks

    • Ran-d: Evening How's it going? Want to shoot a lineup scenario by you as I have a full roster and need to sit 3 tonight. Need Blocks/steals the most with 3's a priority too.so here we go: 1) Pekovic vs. lakers(Howard worries me here)--Amir Johnson vs. Hawks(Like his Rb's,steals and Blocks potential here)------P.Gasol vs. minn(juicy matchup but he'snot been great so far)----JJ Hickson vs. Nets(been running his double -double out there all year and Lopez is a candy a--)----Hayward vs. Suns(3's,steals,blks potential)-----Korver vs. Tor(know you love Korver but I need those steals,blocks and assists maybe more than the 3's.THinking of using Lowry insteas for those assists,steals,blks and some 3's). Going to start Melo,Parker,paul,J.Green,Sanders,Harkless vs.Bobcats!!!! So I need 4 here for tonight Any thoughts my man!!

    • My boy's showing up tonight Ran-d! J.Green,Melo and the pekonator rolling going into 3rd quarter. Hopefully they'll keep it up!

    • News Ran-d! 1)Puig back to minors today to "get more seasoning"!! 2)P.Gasol is now rumored to be heading back to bench after lakers 0-2 with him starting. Possibly 25-28 min/game! Thought now on K.Martin,Chandler,B.Wright(?),E.Davis maybe use add/drop to run Koufos in there a day or too or splitter?

    • OK Ran-d new news! T.Chandler out tonight with neck issue. Had pain in his neck still after practice yesterday and also has occassional shooting pains up/doen arm. Might be out for friday too. Thought you should know seeing you have K.Martin too,right! So K.Martin may be a good add to over gasol? Thoughts

    • Ran-d: Forgot to list my SP's for 2013 in NL only 8 team: Gallardo,C.Lee,Bumgarden,medlen,J.Mcdonald,Beachy(on DL but he'll sit on my DL.not giving him up unless neccessary) and i forgot the other. Still have some decent one's on FA: Nolasco,Cashner,Liriano,Chacin,Eovaldi,Volquez,Zito,C.Richard(PETCO only),M.Estrada,etc. Have a few strong position players" Kemp,Beltran,posey,Ara.Ramierez,Kubel,D.Fowler and I'm kinda liking A.Simmons at ss,N.Walker at 2b and i have LaRoche again at first and if he can have close to last year i'll be happy! Interest to see how Dom.Brown does for Phillies too.

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      • You can check this sleeper, Yasiel Puig. He can bring you HRs!! You have an overall great team. Beltran right now is injured since WBC but he will be fine. Simmons is another great sleeper as Dom. Brown. I like your team.

      • I need advice in my pitching staff, lol!! My batters covers all bat cats
        1b/c Santana, Mauer
        2b Altuve
        3b Wright
        ss Andrus
        of Trout, Gomez, Davis, Murphy
        util LaRoche, Alexei Ramirez

        This team cover all stats, avg, sb, hr, xbh, obs, r, h, rbi, bb

        But now, my pitching staff.....have a lot of sleepers

        sp Estrada, Cahill, Holland, Zito, Maholm, Fiers
        sp/rp Iwakuma
        rp Miller, Venters, Parnell, Fujikawa, Benoit, Boggs, Johnson

        And here come my dilemma....I took Boggs for hld, now he's going to be the closer until Motte makes his return, Shelby will be a starter, Benoit now will be closer, leaving me Venters for hlds.
        I can drop Zito but I don't know who I can add and someone is offering me Peavy for Mauer.

    • Ran-d: What's up man! 1)Garnett out weeks 22-23 so if you can get by next week without him then has 4 games week 24! 2)If you can't wait for KG then i like Jonas as replacement. Getting good PT and close to double-double each game. Wish he could get more blocks/steals but shooting %'s not bad. McBob i read todat is still nursing that off shoulder injru but now's not the time to add i njured players or ?'s. T.Gibson may get some run too with Noah a DTD. usually plays well and will see PT even if everyone is back. Real good defensive cat's player that makes FT% and FG% and Rb's. Stay away from Mavs if at all possible unless maybe B.Wright. Nate R. will get his PT and most always a good add with hinrich/RIP always injured. Diaw is always a guessing game,Ran-d. MIGHT just want to hand onto martin even when Chandler returns. With NY's lack of Bigs right now he may continue to see good PT!

    • Jonas and McBob's team will play Saturday of next week.


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