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  • Ran-d Ran-d Mar 23, 2013 10:20 PM Flag

    Man down, man down! Help with a good pick!

    Well, I lost Afflalo for the rest of the season. So now which player should I pick??

    My team
    Kemba, Mo, Livingston, Miller, Jack
    Evans, Korver
    LBJ, Parsons, Green, Harris
    DLee, KG,
    Hibbert, Wright, Chandler, Tiago

    Best options available:
    Bullinger, McBob, Jonas, Martin
    Moore, Ellington, Davis, Prince
    Johnson, Barnes, Odom, Harris, Hansbrough
    Donatas, Beno

    I think Bullinger or Ellington, I need some 3's

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    • Are Alan Anderson or Ross available? Good source of 3's too

    • Ran-d: Uh Oh man need some help! so do I so let's trade off here man! First is thatKevin Martin.If so he could be your man here. M.Barnes has 4 games next week and has been playing well lately.Good source of 3's and steals,blocks,Rb's. Does get his 3's chances,Ran-d. If that's D.Harris he'll get his 3's too.Bullinger just coming off injury but also is good source of 3's. Has 4-4 games next 2 weeks and by the way so does D.Harris! Ellington does not shoot many 3's and is not known to do so in past. K.Martin,Barnes and D.Harris would be my choices. Harris with the most games played between the 3!

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      • I'm checking already for week 24, week 23 is the last one and again I'm facing another quitter. In week 24 I have a sort of disadvantage Tue and Thu and the only teams playing those day are Bulls and Denver, but NY plays Tue, so KM or Taj can be short term solutions for that week.

      • ran-d: Now a little help if you could! As you know i added p.Gasol needing FG%,RB's,blocks,steals and decent FT%. Didn't look good friday but first game back so should improve and has 4-3 games next to weeks. 1)M.Gasol out for memphis for awhile now so Ed Davis replacing him. I owned davis before Gay trade and he was really good for me except FT%. Nearly as good as Pau. going to ge tmore PT now and had a decent game tonight-11 pt.,9Rb's and 5 blocks! 3)With Noah now down and DTD with same foot Taj Gibson is now playing big minutes again and had real good game tonight. I owned him also while Noah was out before and he was very good. Davis and Gibson give same good results in categories I need. Davis goes 4-4 games Taj goes 3-4. You seen enough or owned either of Davis/Gibson to render a good opinion for me. Might need to do this soon so Keep Pau or opt for 1 of other 2?

    • Forgot, Moore is taken, smh


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