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  • Ran-d Ran-d Mar 22, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    This kind of mess up happens when you don't play everyday and only in the last moment, lol

    Rank Team W-L-T .Pct Div GB Last Week Waiver Moves

    Division 1
    *2. WKS 146-72-2 .668 61-27-0 - 8-3-0 2 7
    3. flinttropics 126-93-1 .575 50-27-0 20.5 9-2-0 1 24
    8. NBA Runs On Dunkin' 83-137-0 .377 30-47-0 64 1-10-0 7 8 10. Sixers 61-158-1 .280 24-64-0 85.5 3-8-0 5 -

    Division 2
    4. Board MAN 112-106-2 .514 20-35-0 - 10-1-0 9 12
    5. Back to the Barrooms 110-105-5 .511 32-23-0 0.5 4-7-0 6 13
    7. Melon heads 109-109-2 .500 36-30-0 3 7-4-0 4 3

    Division 3
    *1. PR Ballers 165-51-4 .759 38-16-1 - 7-4-0 10 64
    6. Kareem Of The Crop 109-108-3 .502 34-31-1 56.5 4-7-0 8 7
    9. starstudded 68-150-2 .314 15-40-0 98 2-9-0 3 12

    See, thanks to some managers who quits and the Commissioner don't transfer the team to another good manager, we see this kind of mess up in the bracket. This looks like a Fantasy March Madness, lol!! Team Sixers never played, never changed his lineup as well starstudded who unbelievable he have in his lineup Gustavo Ayon since day 1. Also 1 of the managers wrote I'm a crybaby because I always wrote in the notes, transfer the teams to other managers,lol. At least since then, he's playing. Teams 2 and 3 aren't strong as their record says. But team 4 to 7 all are a must watch because they have the best players. How different would be if they had played since day 1.

    Keep playing my friends, keep playing.

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    • here you go,Ran-d,this is the kind of BS I'm talking about when discussing getting shafted during playoffs. This idiot Raptors coach startin L.Fields vs. Knicks because he thinks Field can be Mike Jordan and smother Melo every single game. I'm not worried about owning melo because he's a "Big Boy" and can take care of himself scoring/other cat's!!!! But Fields is in for Amir who I know is not "Small" enough to cover Melo but is a defensive cat baller. Thus less PT for Amir who's been a monster over last 4 games without Bargnani's little candy a-- around. Raptors out of playoffs see what kind of D Amir can do on Melo for future reference. Better yet put your "Super Stud" R.Gay on him and see what happens!!!!! Can't do that or he'll get "to tired" to shoot his 25-30 shots and go 8-29 again! Wasted talent that teams like Raptors/Blazers/Warriors could use to make solid playoff runs but instead we get a 2 player shoot em up system that ends up in disappointment(exp: Curry/Thompson---Gay/DeRozan---Aldreidge/Hilliard!!!! Take you 40-50 shots a night,look good sometimes and then wonder why you didn't make playoffs!!!! look at GS right now. Without bogut they used Landry/Jack more PT and they were doing well as a TEAM. Now Curry/Thompson are jacking up more 3's attempts(some more shots by Lee too),less TEAM contribution and Warriors are sinking like rocks(keeps going this way may even miss playoffs)!!!! Sorry ran-d but i gotta bitc- to someone,man!

    • Uh Oh Ran-d! Possible press conference at 5PM est for D.Rose update! Stand by for action!

    • Just saw this post,Ran-d! No wonder your riled up this morning! There's a very simple reason your getting negative feedback on transfer requests: These other chicken-sh-- owners don't want to lose,my man!!!!! Alot of these no show managers are ficticiuos,you know, Just some made up name so the commish can have his league and eat his cake too. G.Ayon is hilarious,man! Even made me laugh out loud. Ayon your PF for the whole year. I've been playing vs. the productive K.Love all season at PF too! try topping that! Oh I can because A.Bynum has been beating me all season!!!!!! 1) Teams should be transfered if you have an outside new owner wanting to take over,only! But who's to say that owner is not the commish or a flunky of his! 2) I know it's wrong but some candy-a--- owners do drop out and it's part of the fantasy dilemma. Nothing you can do. 3) Ran-d I hope this doesn't happen but it has at times. PLEASE keep a very close eye out for sudden roster moves on these GOOD teams your mentioning! I've seen it happen where all of a sudden these 'non playing/abandoned teams" jump up mysteriously/owner awakens from a 5 month coma and his roster in now active with "superstars" especially if their in 7th/8th place in an expanded no. of playoff teams scenario(usually larger leagues). Legal but bull sh--! 4) "How different it would have been" is exactly my point Ran-d! You've got a commish that doesn't want it to be "would have" just "me have"! Only thing you can do here is"beat his candy-as-"! 50 Finally,by the way, I hope your not the commish here as i've just insulted you to no end!

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      • My commissioner it's in 3rd place and he made a bold move.....He have Al Jefferson and picked up from waivers Enes Kanter some days before Al came from the injury, lol! Look at his roster!!

        George Hill
        Luke Ridnour
        J.J. Redick
        Derrick Williams
        Al Jefferson
        Jared Dudley
        Marc Gasol
        Dwight Howard
        O.J. Mayo
        Ryan Anderson
        Maurice Harkless
        Jamal Crawford
        Patrick Patterson
        Kevin Love
        Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
        Klay Thompson
        Byron Mullens
        Pau Gasol

        He's strong in 3pt%, fg% and ft% areas. The first time we faced, I won 9-2 but it was in the X-mas week. I had 9 players playing and he only 2 in X-mas. Obviously, I use my 4 adds per week, lol. That was the difference, only 1 day. The last one, by far, he had a favorable schedule, he had more players playing that week than me, and I won 8-3, lol. Our rosters changed a bit, I traded Klay Thompson for Kemba Walker with him and he only gained more 3's. I lost a bit of 3's but gained ast and stls. So at the end, it was a good trade after all.


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