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  • Ran-d Ran-d Mar 14, 2013 7:18 AM Flag

    PG dilemma, Drop Mo or Kidd? Which pg must watch to add?

    It's just a lil bit hard choose which one drop.
    Mo is coming from an injury. He got a 21 pts game but yesterday was awful (well it was against OKC) then Kidd is plays 25-30 minutes and do a lil bit of all, but is inconsistent and erratic at some point.
    In my league options are limited. I watching Marshall, James and Livingston. Livingston is for me a great option because playoffs in my league begins in week 23. Livingston between weeks 23 and 24 plays 8 times. Marshall will get play time, PHX is eliminated so and James is in a run. Stockey, Bynum, Beverly and Manor can be short terms. I'm ignoring Nate and Barea.

    This is my team right now, so you can advice me better if another pg or another player. As you can see, I like players with 2 positions, so I can adjust my line up better. I'm in first place so there's no rush at all.

    PG: Kemba, Kidd, Mo, Miller, Jack
    SG: Evans, Afflalo, Korver
    SF: LBJ, Parsons, Green
    PF: Lee, Tobias, KG
    C: Tiago, Hibbert, Chandler, Wright

    I'll experiment with Green and Wright, especially today with Wright, he's logging more than Kaman and Brand.
    Any advices, ty!!

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    • Ran-d: Hey again! You have danny/Jeff green? Doesn't matter really as i'd keep either.I agree here that KG may get more rest for playoffs,maybe an occassional DNP. Tyson is hurt so DTD,Tiago fine,Lee good for offense(?on defensive cat's),Hibbert just fine too. 1) Must remember MO is just getting started basically so should get better and you may need those assists come playoff time(has 6 games,right) 2)Might want to grab another Big man if you drop Mo/Kidd 3)Stuckey not to bad,Maynor seeing more minutes and looks pretty good tonight vs. NY,if you decide to go that way.

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      • I ended dropping Kidd after his horrendous performance.
        Btw the Green I have is Jeff. I pick up Livingston, He plays today but already I made my line up.
        So it will give me time to follow his performance. Also I finish adding B. Wright, and I must
        say Carlisle bigs rotation is a weird one but he performed greatly and along with Tiago in my team, I locked for good rebounds, of reb and def reb cats in this week, lol.

    • Yes you have some really inconsistent pg's other than kemba. But you have LBJ which is basically a pg and also evans and parsons could provide you with assists. I would suggest to get a big man right now since KG could be shut down, Wright is on time share and chandler just got injured. Bogut seems to be a great option since he could provide across the board even with his bad %FT but he doesn't take much. V Carter could also be an option too even though he doesn't start but he could get you solid 3's, rebs and stl.


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