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  • Ran-d Ran-d Mar 12, 2013 2:00 AM Flag

    Guard Opinions

    I don't know what format you're playing but I'm in various leagues and I took a team in a pts format and Bradley saved me last week He logging more than 30 mins, he's taking shots, passing much better without taking away his defensive game. Harris is a gamble, Drew can bench, start be a 6,7 man...I avoid him at any cost because you don't know which players Drew will start. Maynor is the only reliable bench player of the Blazers. But Slotts using his starting five more than 35 mpg. Nate will be benched again, Hinrich took away his protective boot and that affects Marco too. Bradley is a safe bet and this week is just sweet 2 games vs Bobcats and 1 with Toronto. It's worth the try.

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    • Ran-d: Thanks for feedback,man! I lost T.Parker and it's been hell trying to replace just part of his stats. Tried harris for a week(I own Korver too) and cat's were all over the place. Know about Blazer's as i own Hickson and I wish he'd play more(he's always 8-11 min. less than other 4).Guy has been a monster for me all season(dropped granger for him 1st week of season). Maynor is coming on and seeing more PT but I acknowledge you point about starter minutes. I'm still watching him. Bradley was my 1st choice because he's starting,playing alot better and most of all he has a great playoff schedule weeks 21-23. By the way i'm in 12 team cat 9 h2h and 1 game out of 1st and 6 ahead of 3rd/4th. Should get bye so trying to prepare for playoffs. I might just try to snag parker again(still on w/w) and hold him, with news he might be back earlier than expected. What do you think about holding parker? Can add Drummond too! Any thoughts appreciated!


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