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  • David Vest David Vest Feb 18, 2013 11:43 AM Flag


    It's 3 days later and i don't know if you've made a trade or not. I wouldn't make trade!! Duncan is going to see DNP's and less PT down the stretch to rest for playoffs.Plus he has injuries right now also. Indy is fighting for a higher playoff spot and while Hibbert hasn't been himself this season he'll be seeing alot of PT. Smith can score,get 3's and add a few plus' in a few other cat's. But he is a TO machine at times and when he's off his FG% can go way south. Played his owner in my league twice and Smith was pitiful. Young is basically Smith but a little more consistent. Vince has been playing well and adds the 3's,steals,blocks,etc. that are hard to find in one player. Myself I would hold what I have! Good luck


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