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  • Alejandro Alejandro Feb 10, 2013 1:50 AM Flag

    Commishioner Problems

    Well for Trade 1, it depends on how you want to run your league.. For me, I look for obvious collusion attempts. So if the team trading away Na-Rob and J-Smooth is well out of the playoffs, and the team getting them with only giving up Thomas and Kaman is still trying to compete, I'd veto it immediately. But if it were the other way around, I wouldn't. Personally, I don't believe in babysitting managers from making dumb trades. As long as there is no collusion involved, then dumb trades are dumb trades, not my problem. But it depends on how you want to run your league.

    The second trade actually I don't think is that outrageous. Yeah Lebron is better than Irving, but not so much so that it's as bad as trade number one. I wouldn't touch it.


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