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  • David Vest David Vest Feb 6, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    Player's to drop/keep

    12 team cat 9! Have Bledsoe,N.Robinson and T.Gibson as short term adds to replace injured players. When Hinrich,Rose,Paul,Boozer and Noah return which short term adds should I hold,if any? Also replace them with whom: K.Leonard,N.Young,splitter,speights,j.Green,L.Stephenson,Terry? Need 3's,steals and probably blocks. Thanks for any input!!!

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    • Leonard and Young I like...I still like Stephenson...yes, he'll be coming off the bench, but should be first in line and has proven he can score. may see a few less minutes, but I would think is a better option than green or speights...plus, they still list Granger as trade bait, so thats watch and see

    • Leonard = overall player
      Young = tough one, I don't like his fg inconsistency
      Splitter = starter, shoots 60%
      Green and Terry = You should watch them since Rondo's injury Terry, Lee and Green are doing an extra something specially Terry in 3's and ast
      Stephenson = will lost his value soon with DG coming from his injury
      Speights = is blossom with the Cavs, he will have plenty of playing time since Gee sucks and Zeller still learning in his rookie season.

      I should add in based of your necessities Leonard and Speights.


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