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  • David Vest David Vest Feb 3, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

    Delfino and Bledsoe ?

    12 team cat 9 daily! Delfino with an injury which could be a few day's off or longer ?. Obviously I have him for 3's and other cat's a bonus. Bledsoe is a C.Paul fill in and he is Paul,basically, except for FG% and assists. FA's are: Singler,K.Leonard,Bayless,Terry and n.Young. Need 3's and FT% most but assists/steals are marginally needed to keep up in 6 team race for top six playoff positions. Hold delfino or opt for 1 of the FA's who might give me less 3's per week but more help in other cat's. Hold Bledsoe until Paul comes back or opt for 1 of the FA's. My other Guards/SF are: Lowry,Jack,N.Robinson,Parker and you could probably throw Carmelo in there too. Any thoughts or opinions are welcomed and thanks!!!

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    • Keep Bledsoe because he'll probably be traded since he said he wants be a starter and with the Clips he won't start since Clips want CP3 to stay with them and one of their wishes was granted, they bring Willie Green to start along CP3. Bledsoe should start IMO, but Clips will stick with Green to show CP3 they really want him. I should take Bayless or Terry and watch Singler since he will be playing along Calderon and Calderon is one of those players who make others look better. Leonard is a great option too.


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