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  • Alejandro Alejandro Jan 31, 2013 11:58 PM Flag

    Would you trade for Dwight Howard?

    Ok, so I just lost Glen Davis for the year (after I just freaking traded for him two weeks ago). And now Howard's shoulder is concerning me. I am sure that he is just going to keep playing through the pain and not miss much time in the near future, but I am worried that eventually his shoulder will just give in and he will have no choice but to end his season and get the surgery. If he does that effectively ruins my team's chances of ever winning rebounds or blocks again (though it does help me in FT%), as I am now very thin at big man. The other big men I have are Tristan Thompson, Faried, and Sullinger (probably soon to be dropped). In a deep 15 player roster league, I'll need more than that to compete in the big man categories. I'm thinking of offering Howard up to one of the teams in 9th-12th place (we have an 8 team playoff) who might be desperate to make one last push for the playoffs. Do you think anyone would be willing to trade for Howard knowing there's a good possibility he might have to shut it down for the season? I'd take a lesser big man like a Marcin Gortat. I might even try for Chris Bosh from a desperate team who might be willing to do it. Would you trade for Dwight Howard at this point, knowing his injury issues?

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    • Update: I was wrong about the Love owner in my league, he was willing to trade. So I traded Howard and got Love.
      I'm currently ranked 4th of 12, last week beat the number 2 team 7-2 mostly without Howard, this week I'm neck and neck with the number 1 team 4-5, again without Howard. Actually he played one game for me on Thursday and effed up my FT%, which I am now losing narrowly thanks soley to him. So I'd be winning 5-4 without him. I say good riddance. Even if Love never sees the court I think my team will be better off.

    • You may want to offer him for Bogut,or A.Bynum.
      Big men that can really produce when healthy,but their fantasy trade value isn't very high right now.Because obviously Bynum hasn't played all year,and Bogut has been limitted to 25 minutes & he sits out of back to backs as he slowly gets back into game shape.

      Al Jefferson & Paul Milsap are other highly ranked bigs that have been cold,and could probably had cheaply via trades,and Howard could probably also get you currently injured players Nowitzky,or K.Love.

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      • Thanks for the advice. I was actually really thinking of offering him for Al Jefferson, because the guy who has Jefferson in my league is tetering on the edge of the playoffs, and has been known to take a chance on risky trades. I want to wait until Howard is actually playing again though. He sat out tonight, and is Sunday status is still up in the air. I'm not sure that I get Al Jefferson for a guy who isn't even playing. So I want to make sure he's back in the lineup and hopefully puts up a decent stat line before I offer that trade. Timing is everything. Failing that, the same team also owns Bynum, so I was thinking that could be my backup plan. I won't get KLove for him in my league. I've already talked with the guy who owns him and he has zero interest in Howard. And I have zero interest in Nowitzky, especially now that he has another injury.

        Bogut is an intriguing possiblity. Not sure that the guy who has him in our league will trade him though. He just picked him up off waivers. But I could give it a try if I can't get Jefferson.

        Thanks again.

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