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  • Randy Randy Jan 25, 2013 5:00 PM Flag

    Do I draft love and rose in my keeper league,

    I doubt Rose & Love will last to your 2nd pick,but if they do I'd #$%$ them up!
    I'd take Love over Rose,but if you can get them both go for it.
    You can stack your team in a small majority of your categories if you take 2 injured players to stay competitive this year.You'd need to basically punt several categories,but you could build around KDs' strengths,and perhaps take a bunch of PGs,or a bunch of big men..I play in a 16 team league & the waiver wire is pretty much non existent,so know where the good deals are late in your draft,or you'll be wondering who the heck are these losers left on my draft board!
    (There's good deals out there,but they are not very well known players.And depending how many rounds you go,these "good deals" wont even be starters on their teams.

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    • I like how they scramble up snatched.

    • Yeah that was my thoughts exactly, To have kd love and rose, which they are all so young, I think they are all. 24, I got to do it or next year I will be regretting it... That's if love is still there. Who know I might could end up with lillard in the fourth. Still highly unlikely. If not, who should be my 4th and final keeper, Kamba turner, mayo, Thaddeus, Klay, wall or faried. Or Rubio.

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      • A nice free cheat sheet I do before every draft is expand my pre-draft player list to about 500 players,save it,and print it.Then I group the players into rounds,just by putting parenthesis = ( around every 16 players.Then I Hi-Lite players I like in every round,and cross out players I think are way over rated,or I just totally don't like.

        I tell ya,some late round gems I've found have been Amir Johnson,Aminu,Greivis,Drummond,Sanders,Calderon,and Hickson.

        iSNATCHEDthemUP,,there,I said the S word.


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