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  • Pranshav Pranshav Jan 20, 2013 2:35 AM Flag

    FA Help!

    im in a shallow league(6-team,9 cat,H2H,2nd place)
    i have:
    4. Deron Williams(PG)

    i feel like i have too many guards, but i think they are too good to replace.
    i just want to get some help from you guys to say if i need to make any changes in my team, because the team is generally inconsistent, i dont have that many elite stars, compared to others...

    Basically , almost everyone is available in FA, Who Should i get?
    top people are: Love,Granger,Sanders,Kemba,thaddeus young,parson,george hill,lopez bros, kirilenko,jr smith,faried,klay thompson,jamal crawford,jarrett jack,turner,vasquez,brad beal,waiters,favors,tyreke evans,glen davis,etc.....

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    • Think your right on this. Have alot of shooters which is the trend in my league as well. Seems to me you need an assist type guard and another big man. Based on what I see a Big like: Sanders(blks.,rb's and a good FG%) or Faried or B.Lopez might help in defensive & FG% and strengthen that area for you. Guards you listed here are more of the same--shooters and not so much dimes,stls.,etc. I own Jack who's been reliable all season and lately has been racking up alot of dimes. i also like evans and Vasquez seems to hand out dimes on a regular basis. If I had to give up 1 of your Guards it would be derozan for me. Good luck!

    • naturally try to trade up by offering 2 for 1. don't know how active your league is since it's small and ppl probably don't want to trade big names. if that's the case:

      DROP: DeRozan, Rose, Wall, Ellis
      PICK UP: Vasquez, Kemba, Klay, Sanders/BroLo

    • trade away in packages , then pick up best fa that fits your needs , i would drop derozan for kemba

    • You need to rip away a top stud from an opponent;You need to trade QUANTITY for QUALITY..

      2,or 3 players for 1 super stud.Like Derozen,Ellis,and Rose for LBJ;Then restock your team with BIGS like B.Lopez & Sanders..You may have to do some bartering with your opponents to find out exactly what they want,but do NOT trade down in quality;Trade up in quality,especially with deep waiver wire available at your disposal.

      I'd send out a lot of lopsided trade offers to speed up the process.And keep a close eye on how Love progresses,a healthy Love would help your team more then a healthy Rose.

    • Drop Rose/Derozan/Thompson, add Sanders, Bro Lo, Klay

    • I think you can drop Rose/Ellis/Derozan for someone like Vasquez/Brook/Klay. Or even Sanders if you're weak in blocks.


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