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  • The Pistol The Pistol Jan 6, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    Team Advice Please

    1. Just traded - Rudy Gay, Serge Ibaka & Anderson Varejao


    Russell Westbrook, Zack Randolph & Andrea Kirilenko

    Here's my team now

    PG: Russell Westbrook
    SG: Evan Turner
    SF: Kirilenko
    PF: Randolph
    C: Greg Monroe
    Ut: Jrue Holiday
    Ut: Ty Lawson
    B: Kawhi Leonard
    B: Kevin Garnett
    B: Bradley Beal
    B: Gerald Wallace

    Some of the Free Agents are Marcus Thornton, Ray Allen, DeAndre Jordon, Rodney Stuckey, Patrick Patterson, World Peace, Gordon Heyward, Dion Waiters, Harrison Barnes, Glen Davis

    See any guys that would improve my squad?

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    • As a side not, tell me if i havn't made the worst trades ever, pretty much all season long...

      Trade 1: I give Lebron James, KGarnett, JR Smith & Elton Brand for Dwight Howard, Rudy Gay, Marcin Gortat & Damian Lillard (didn't think this one was horrible)

      Trade 2: Eric Gordon for Jrue Holiday ( Liked this one)

      Trade 3: Marcin Gortat for Marcus Thornton (Stupid, it was early & i still thought thornton was actually going to be good this year)

      Trade 4: Marcus Thornton & Damian Lillard & 8th for CJ Miles & Greg Monroe & 7th (Not Bad)

      Trade 5: Dwight Howard & 10th round for Evan Turner, Kevin Garnett & 8th Rounder (BAD)

      Trade 6 Andy Varejao, Rudy Gay & Serge Ibaka for Russell Westbrook, Zack Randolph & Andrei Kirilenko


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