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  • Ahilan Ahilan Dec 5, 2012 11:42 PM Flag

    melo,jennings,patterson and affalo for curry deng griffen and truner?

    this is a 10 team league and i'm the team thats giving up curry deng griffen and turner. notable freeagents still available is deandre jordan, waiters,mkg and etc. i would like your feedback. thanks in advance

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    • im assuming we are talking Carmelo not Fab Melo correct? cuz that would be a huge rip off on your part buddy lol. but honestly the more i look at those line ups bro, im gonna have to say stick with what you got. lets break it down
      Melo-Curry Melo was out cuz of his hand will be back soon. he is killing it with a new attitude this season and has become a more team oriented. his assist went up slightly but points are still there. as for curry he is still a spark plug. all around good player and csn hit the clutch shots. same goes for Melo though. Melo has more turnovers but also picks up more rebound than Curry. i Honestly think this is a even match up but i Would go with Melo of Curry but still considering the rest of the trade, just stick with Curry
      Jennings or Deng. Deng has been kinda quiet this year. he is still out there and getting the points but Jennings is still his old self. keeping the bucks in there and scoring some big points. the Bulls have barely broken the 100 mark just a few times this year and Jennings has carried the bucks to 9 games over 100. id definitely go with Jennings on this one
      Patterson and Griffin. there is no comparison here. although Patterson is a good player, he just is not in the same catagory as Blake. sorry but blake can get anywhere from 15-25 points a game easy just cleaning up the board and his mid-range shot has dramatically increased this year. Patterson gets minimal rebounds for his size and shoots around what a 6th man should be. Stick With Griffin
      Affalo or Turner- atleast im assuming u ment Evan Turner from the sixers. Turner is the man. he has just been killing it this year. although the sixers havent got much attention this year. but neither have the Magic and honestly Affalo has had a pretty good season so far to. the Magic brought him in to be the star of the orginzation but honestly i think along with glen davis the magic are doing just fine. but Truner and Holiday are still a better team and honestly these two are pretty close to even in ranking " my opinion" i would totally stick with turner.

      NOW! that i have put in words what was running through my head i would see if u could just trade Melo and Jennings for Curry and Deng. i think you would come out ahead with that trade. but definitely keep Griffin and Turner. those two are solid players that wont let u down

    • that trade is junk for you big time.

    • I'd say if you're gonna give up those 4 couldn't you get someone a little better than patterson as a third guy in the deal?


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