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  • vikash vikash Dec 3, 2012 1:40 AM Flag

    Need Advice

    I need some help with the max no. of games of each spot. Almost all of my spots are exceeding the projected limit. Usually I start with all players who have games on that particular day, and i put others on the bench. Do i have bench some of the players who have games? Please someone advice

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    • Let's say it's a regular Yahoo roto 12-team format. You have 10 starting spots and 3 bench spots. 82 games are allowed for each of the 10 starting spots (82X10=820), so if you play all 13 guys whenever they have games (82X13 820), all your spots are obviously exceeding the projected limit. One way to play in a league format like this would be to start the hottest 10 guys and ONLY rotate the spots whenever one of your bench players outperform one of your starters.

    • Always start players who have game days if it comes down to which player you don't know who to start pick the one who you think will be better overall