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  • Animal Animal Oct 31, 2012 2:04 PM Flag

    Big men problems

    Pekovic put up great numbers even with Love, only downside is he doesn't block much but with Ibaka thats a perfect duo..I'd give Scola an extended look with the run n gun Suns system, could put up baby Lamarcus Aldridge numbers at a nice value. Koufos is in a log jam, and Mcgee will take over at some point..at best he will put up a low end double double and it wont be consistent with Faried(knickname Manimal) grabbing a ton of boards, and Iggy as well with his swiss army knife play style..Lopez has always underachieved but will block at the very least, and Utah is just too jam packed right now for Kanter to do anything on a consistent basis...I'd get rid of Kanter now for your thinnest position or stat, maybe wait a game or two to decide between Koufos and Lopez but they both should be similar if the minutes stay the same so it's not a make or break..If you can't or don't want to drop Koufos or Lopez just yet, try trading Garnett for something you need if the value is right. Garnett is still a beast but I see the Tim Duncan treatment when they play the scrubs of the league and there will be plenty in the east with Charlotte,Washington etc. etc..

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    • My thoughts exactly! I totally agree on your estimation for Denver lineup (although I have a sweet spot for young centers, I concur that Koufos might not keep his starter spot until all star game). I lean towards dropping Kanter (the obvious choice) and trading Garnett. There's a thought of dropping Koufos into the Garnett trade, now, that hes a starter - I might get something extra. Lopez has to step up. Its a make it or brake it season for him and if he stays off injuries, i expect something along 20-22ppg (plus, hes quite good at the line for a big man - I have to cover the dreadful Griffin & the mediocres Ibaka & Rondo).

      Imho, order of importance is something in the lines of :
      Pekovic Scola Lopez Garnett (with the reduced mins) Koufos Kanter.

      Now, I only have to find 2 small guys to cover the major steal problem and depending on Lillard way of play (offense or playmaking) the assist or 3s problem. Thinking of Paul George (with a Garnett trade), Jarret Jack (but can he repeat his previous year? NO wasn't a real team - not that GSW is, but they are better than last year's NO) and... the chaos afterwards:
      Brandon Knight : untapped potential (and the "tap" seems too strong to go away)
      Kryptonate : hes gonna be the starter PG for CHI but...c'mon, its the crazynate we're talking about.
      Greivis Vasquez : same doubts as Jarret Jack, with lower potential
      Stuckey : injury prone
      Chalmers : will see his mins drop, now that Ray came

      So, whom? And on top of that, would be a fair trade for KG?

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      • Go all in for George he is in for a monster season espicially with Granger's status. If no one bites maybe Monta Ellis he steals hits threes and playing for a contract plust is ADP is in the 50's which is already a sign of how undervalued he truly is..for a cheap steals and three guy maybe try for George Hill or Kawhi Leonard. Leonard had a bad preseason so you may get him cheap. He is still being praised and will start with potential in steals and threes for peanuts.


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