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  • Hawk4Life Hawk4Life Jan 2, 2012 6:18 PM Flag

    ryan anderson for bogut? i need advice

    ive been offered ryan anderson for bogut....i need 3s!

    Heres my team:

    Lebron, wall, gordon, bogut, mcgee, jack, douglas, cousins, george, redick, maggette, brooks, walker, jamal crawford, cole.

    any advice would help! my team is very deep in reb/blocks/steals/ft%.....so i can afford to lose bogut. I think anderson is for real IMO


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    • Are you sure you need 3's? It looks like you need rebounds more. If you trade Bogut, you are left with only one consistent center which is McGee. Brooks?? Is that Brook Lopez? Anyways, you have a bunch of guards that can get you 3's, especially Redick and Gordon when he comes back.

      Anyhow, I would rather have Bogut than Anderson.

    • go for it, Anderson is now a starter and he could also block, you'll get lots of 3's and ft%... aside from McGee, LBJ and Cousins can also block.

    • Don't be stupid; Bogut is a beast at what he does! He could get you 20pt, 20 Re, 4 Blocks any giving night and he has no one competing for his postion; Anderson on the otherhand is competing for his position and just on fire the first couple of weeks.

      I own both of them last year and this year; But hell no would I trade Bogut for Anderson. Thats a "fools gold" you can find threes in FA; drop walker and pick up Gary Neal.

    • If you need 3s, do it. Anderson is a beast

    • Bogut and McGhee are your primary shot blockers so that would be my only hesitation. You can make the trade and see if someone like Hawes is availabe on your waiver wire.

      Anderson is the real deal. He is finally getting starters minutes.


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