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    Drop Darren Collison-Anyone else tempted to?

    I took him with a 4th round pick in one league, 5th in another, cuz I know he had the skills to be a top 10-20 player, and was going to be the starter in Indiana. Last year when CP3 went down he averaged like 20 pts, 10 assists, almost 2 steals, 1+ three's, and like almost 50% from the field and 85% from the line, making him like top 15 in all of fantasy when he was starting. So far (and I don't think it's lack of ability still-I think it's Jim O'Brien being dumb as shit and not just playing him 35-40 minutes a night and giving him full control of the offense) he's just been so mediocre not to mention INJURED possibly for tonight's game after missing like 2 weeks already earlier this season. I'm seriously so frustrated I've been tempted to just drop him for a while because he's like the worst player on my team right now, but I know he still has the ability. Anyone else tempted as hell to drop him??

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    • Hate this kid, absolutely hate him right now. He is also the worst on my team an would be ecstatic if i could get top 80 production from him. Has no trade value but to much potential in my opinion to drop (tho i think about it on a daily basis). Tell this kid to do something!!

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      • again I'm frustrated as shit like the rest of you fellow Collison owners, but I don't blame Collison-Jim O'Brien is the problem: he's playing TJ ford too much, and should be just letting Collison play 38-40 minutes/game cuz he's way better than TJ Ford. Second, he's not giving Collison control of the offense, and running a system that doesn't let Collison truly initiate/drive the offense. If you guys wanna really be mad/want change, be pissed at Collison's annoying coach and hope he comes to his senses and lets Collison loose.

    • You're right D. Collison is kill'n me in the line-ups and i'm very tempted to drop him. My League is 3 deep and its slim pick'n atm, I have him warming the benchh until I can see a possible trade...

    • I traded him for billups last week...it was an easy and great move

    • I also pick him on 4th round and he is really killing my team. I have the same feeling as you and I even don't think he can be a top-50 player under O'Brien. He like to use many players and let them play 5mins in, 5mins out. It's really hurt for fantasy or the team even in the real world. However, I don't think Pacers will fire him within this season...so sad.

    • I'm benching him for now =o. I'm putting him on the trade block, but don't drop him yet. If you can pick up Brandon Rush or Nick Young. Apparently they are putting up some numbers lately because of the increase in minutes.

    • ur nuts if u drop him,,,alot of players are playing crappy ,,,u wouldnt drop oj mayo would you,,,,hes stinking up the court so far

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      • he's currently the worst player on my team...and I can see Roddy Beaubois and maybe a few other FA's on the wire being more valuable than he is if Jim O'Brien doesn't stop playing TJ ford so much and doesn't start truly running the offense through Collison, which is out of Collison's control, and it's possible that won't change. So, while OJ Mayo was still getting shots and just playing terribly, and was therefore benched, it was more his own fault. Plus, he may come out of his slump/get the starting job back. More reason to hold onto him, so two non-analogous situations. Collison's lack of production is not him-it's how O'Brien is running the offensive system-so your point is pretty irrelevant.

    • I have him and am very pissed off by his production. I think dropping a fourth round pick is a bit too risky for my blood. If you can pick him up for a comparable pick then I might do it. For instance an idiot in my league dropped Joe Johnson. I would keep an injured Johnson over a crappy collison.

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      • yeah I'm still hoping he can play like last year starting soon-the thing is I'm not even totally mad at him-it's more Jim O'Brien's fault in my opinion for playing TJ ford way too much at collison's expense, and not letting Collison really run the offense and just give him free rein. I feel your pain and frustration-I seriously thought in the 4th/5th rounds I was going to be getting a steal even since he was like ranked 14th or 15th over the time he was a starter last year, and he'd really put my team over the top.

    • Thanks for the input man-appreciate it! That's what the voice in the back of my head keeps telling me-that he's too good to not play more like he did last year and that I'll regret it if I do...but the problem isn't really him it's more O'Brien and how he's playing him and not giving him free rein (not to mention playing TJ Ford way more than he should )

    • I almost dropped him today for a three point shooting SG/SF type on the waiver wire (Anthony Morrow, Shannon Brown) but decided against it. His trade value's virtually non-existent right now and it can go nowhere but up.

      I've decided instead to see if he can put together a good week and then try and deal him then.

    • i don't have him but I would NOT drop him.. sooner or later he will come around...

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