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  • Evan Evan Dec 11, 2010 8:35 PM Flag

    Questions just ask!

    Someone in my league was looking for another PG. He has plenty of big men so yesterday I offered him Augustine for Hibbert. I like Hibbert a lot more than Augustine, but because he has kinda slowed down from his hot start that I might be able to get him on the cheap. That night Augustine had a bad game and Hibbert played well which probably made him like the offer a little less. We talked and I told him that I would consider it if he countered with Hibbert and his worst player for Augustine and Okafor (whose value I think is wasted because of his horrible FT%).

    When I got home today I saw that he ended up offering Hibbert and Bellinelli for Augustine and Okafor. I'm thinking that I should definitely accept considering Hibbert has a lot more potential than Augustine who has been playing a lot worse lately. Okafor has been pissing me off lately and I almost wanted to drop him anyway.

    I have plenty of assists, steals, and three's and am trying to improve my rebounds and blocks so I would drop Belinelli for either Hawes, Thompson, or Monroe. Do you think that trading Augustine and Okafor for Hibbert and picking up one of these big men would be a smart move for me? Thanks for the advice...

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