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  • Yo I am in a 10 team league and have the #1 pick. It is a snake draft too. Should I keep it or would I be better of trading it? If I do trade it, for what pick should it be?

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    • Hello!
      I'd like to invite you to join the Global Basketball League!
      This is a 2nd year League that is going to a keeper style starting this year, so you can get in on the ground floor!
      I'm looking for SERIOUS Fantasy GM's, that are looking to get into a Keeper/Franchise League! I don't want people that will quit after 1 year if their team doesn't start well.
      This is a Franchise League, so you'll have to build your team over time.
      The League will be 20 teams, divided up into 4 divisions. Starting spots are G,G,F,F,U, with 5 bench slots.
      Sign on up, and check out the settings, and lets see what you've got!

      League ID#: 3893
      Password: Bones


    • ...I wouldn't trade past 3. You're a fool to pass on LBJ, Durrant, and CP3..


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