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  • JJ JJ Oct 10, 2010 11:15 AM Flag

    Make or Break my Team

    Dirk and Horford For Rondo and brooke lopez is this a good trade if im getting lopez and rondo here my team

    1. (7) Dirk Nowitzki PF
    2. (18) Brandon Roy SG,SF
    3. (31) Al Horford PF,C
    4. (42) Zach Randolph PF,C
    5. (55) Andrea Bargnani PF,C
    6. (66) Jason Richardson SG,SF
    7. (79) Ray Allen SG
    8. (90) Emeka Okafor C
    9. (103) Richard Hamilton SG,SF
    10. (114) Andre Miller PG
    11. (127) Channing Frye PF,C
    12. (138) Mike Conley PG
    13. (151) Marcus Thornton SG

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    • It looks like you've punted asts and stls with this strategy so just stick with it. Dirk is the man and he has a better chance of going AWOL on points any night.

    • You've got a squad that shoots FTs very well, including your bigs (exception is Okafor, but that's okay). I would absolutely be trying to get Brook but bringing Rondo into the fold screws up your FT proficiency. Plus you have good 3 shooting bigs with Dirk and Bargs and Frye...don't want to mess that up.

    • On one hand you need assist and rondo can do that for you. On the other hand, he's a free throw killer and you already have Emeka who is one too.

      Brooke lopez and Horford are actually a wash depending on your league settings. Brooke gets more points, blocks and slightly better free throw shooter. Horford is better rebounder, less turnovers and shoots at a better FG%. They both have upside to improve next year and ranked about the same last year in terms of overall fantasy production.

      So its really Dirk vs rondo which straight up would be a steal for the other guy but, you do need assist bad (and his steals are great too). So if you cant find anything better and can live with the bad FT% (and the turnovers, forgot about that) then go for it.


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