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    im in first place....playing the second place team...this is the last week before our playoffs... my record is 136-69-4 his record is 129-72-8... we play 11 categorys...so what would he have to beat me in order to take away my 1 seed...and if we end up tied...what is the tiebreaker for the one seed?

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    • I am most certainly part of the "us" I mentioned, of course. ?LOL. ?I tried to answer the question, didn't I? ?And I totally admitted to having made a mistake with respect to the rules. ?


      Thank you for clearing this up. ?I'm somewhat skeptical that the Yahoo official you asked actually understands the rules, but I wouldn't be surprised either way, whether he is right or wrong.

      If everything you say is true, though, please respond to the Yahoo worker asking to have "in" changed to "up to" or something like that. ?To me, and I'm sure to some others who read the page, the meaning conveyed by their current explanation, as you thoughtfully explained, is that the team with the better winning percentage for the last week of the regular season wins the tiebreaker.

      Further complicating matters with respect to comprehending the explanation they have shared is that stats accumulated in the regular season have little bearing on the playoffs (besides seeding and tiebreakers), and so ?the team that wins right before the playoffs (particularly in a head-to-head match like this one), is probably the better team with respect to the playoffs, and certainly could be argued as being more deserving of the higher seeding. ?

      Counter points can obviously be made. ?One example is that some teams give up as the season goes along, and so one of the teams that ends up in a tie may have benefitted from facing a manager right at the end who didn't put forth his/her best effort.

      By the way, I may end up in a tie which affects which of the two playoff brackets I will be in, so this discussion is quite relevant to me.??

    • This IS hilarious!

      None of us who tried to answer this seemingly simple question should ever read anything addressed to smart people ever again!

      Sonson, I'm guessing you didn't actually look up the rules either. ?You have provided precisely the wrong information with respect to who wins the tiebreaker. ?In essence, it's the team with the lower winning percentage on the season as of the start of the regular season who wins the tiebreaker.

      If his opponent wins 8-3, his opponent will finish ahead of him. ?The two will have the same winning percentage on the season, but his opponent will have the higher winning percentage for the last week of the regular season. ?Anything less than an 8-3 win and the original poster finishes ahead of his opponent, having the higher winning percentage on the season.?

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      • Billy Hoyle, first of all, your answer this time is different from the one you gave above, so I'm glad you know you were wrong last time. However, you were wrong this time too, and I don't mean it in a bad way, cuz the yahoo rules on tiebreaker have been confusing pple.

        the Yahoo rules read as "2. Highest winning percentage in Week 21." You interpreted it as the tiebreaker belongs to whoever having the higher winning % "FOR" the last week of the regular season. When Yahoo rules say "IN Week 21", what it intends to say is whoever is leading during (or as of) week 21 has the tiebreaker, or essentially, the record after week 20 is finished. In this regard, the thread poster has the tiebreaker.

        That's why I said earlier this is not a dumb question since it's not only a matter of simple math, it's about the confusion of the interpretation of yahoo rules that has made this a very legitimate thread.

        This is also the interpretation I got confirmed from the Yahoo personnel. That's why I have dedicated numerous replies here to convey this message to pple cuz I am sure 4 out of 5 are confused by this, even if it means I have to bear the risk of some pple calling me dumb or idiot. The only way I am wrong is if the yahoo guy lied to me, alright?

      • LOL! Classic! Somehow I failed to type "last week of the" in the middle paragraph. It should read:

        Sonson, I'm guessing you didn't actually look up the rules either. ?You have provided precisely the wrong information with respect to who wins the tiebreaker. ?In essence, it's the team with the lower winning percentage on the season as of the start of the last week of the regular season who wins the tiebreaker.

    • corey your an idiot....stop posting this and spend sometime learning how to add on your own...every 5 year old can add

    • If you lose 8-3, you are tied in the standings, then it comes down to your head-to-head series on the year. If you lose this one 8-3, the odds are pretty good that you've lost the season series (check your schedule on the main page to verify). Assuming you would lose the season series by dropping the match 8-3, you really need to at least win three and tie one, meaning a 3-7-1 record is needed for this week.

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      • No, according to yahoo rules, tiebreaker for seeding purposes is not done by comparing head-to-head series (that's only for tie situation in a playoff series). If two sides end up with the same winning percentage at the end of regular season, whoever has a higher winning percentage as of the previous week has the tiebreaker (in this case the guy has the tiebreaker). So your logic is wrong. Read my comments above for what I believe should be the correct answer if you care enough. thx.

      • I just re-read your question. To clarify what I wrote:

        Assuming he wins the season series between the two of you by winning 8-3, your opponent needs to win 8-3 to finish first.

        For you to finish first, you need to win three and tie one category, as I wrote in the previous message (assuming you didn't win the last matchup between the two of you by atleast 8-2-1).

        If you won your previous matchup with this opponent by 8-2-1, 9-2-0, 9-0-2, 9-1-1, 7-0-4, 7-1-3, 8-1-2 or 8-0-3, then your opponent needs to win 8-2-1 this week to finish first. In this case, you would only need to win the equivalent of three categories to finish first. A tie counts as half a win, so any combination of ties and wins (counting ties as halfs) that adds up to three would give you the regular season championship.

    • first of all you have a different amount of ties... so there's no way your records can be exactly the same when your week is over... so you don't need a tiebreaker.. think about it... if you tie so does he... so u guys would both get +1 in that column...

      anyways, disregarding ties... you have to win 3 cats to secure the no. 1 seed

      if you win 2 and he wins 9 that'd put u both at 138 wins but he'll have less losses cuz he has more ties... get it?? although you can have 2 wins vs his 8 and tie one... and u'll win

      and since i'm at it... win 1 lose 7 and tie 3... u win...
      or win 0 lose 6 and tie 5... u win...

      of course the last two situations are ridiculous... so just try and win 3 cats aite?

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      • Sorry but you made mistakes in this. We should know he is 5 games under. They will not have the exact record but they may end up the same winning percentages, and he has a tiebreaker according to yahoo rules (whoever is leading in the previous week has the tiebreaker), so as long as he wins at least 3 out of 11 he will ensure first seed, i.e. 3/11=27.3% (8 minus 3 = 5 games)

        Now, there are many ways to get 3 out of 11: Either win at least 3 cats, or 2-7-2, or 1-6-4, or 0-5-6.

        "2 wins vs his 8 and tie one", "win 1 lose 7 and tie 3", and "win 0 lose 6 and tie 5" -- He will not win in any of those since he will only get 2.5 out of 11. He needs to get at least 3 as you have claimed before.

        Hope you dont find me annoying trying to be a math tutor here.

    • Win at least 3 categories, or 2-7-2, or 1-6-4, or 0-5-6 if you cannot win at least 3 cats.

    • you would have to lose like in 10 catagories, what are you worried about??? if your in first that will never happen, enjoy the first seed.

    • Drrr... Me dumb me no math not

    • all you have to do is win 5 categories and your good for the 1st seed


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