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  • b b Jan 10, 2010 9:08 AM Flag

    Deron Williams Trade- Need Help!

    I get Deron Williams, Josh Howard, and Marreese Speights

    He gets Troy Murphy, Villanueva, and Delonte West

    Here is my team...

    PG-Chris Paul
    SG-Delonte West
    G-Eric Gordon
    SF- Carmelo Anthony
    PF-Yi Jianlian
    F-Channing Frye
    C-Troy Murphy
    C-Emeka Okafor
    Util-Andrei Kirilenko
    Util - Chris Duhon
    BN- Mike Dunleavy
    BN- Charlie Villanueva
    BN-Andris Biedrins

    I am currently in 1st place in a 12 team league, but am not doing well in assists. I have been killing in big men stats so I dont know if I want to give that up. I also have been killing in 3s and this trade would hurt that. Should I do this trade?

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    • He also has Felton so maybe I can try Frye and Duhon for his Felton and someone. I just want some more assists and dont know if I want to change my team around as much as the first trade would.

    • I have Deron Williams on my team...I wouldnt trade him, if you're in first you're doing something right...We have yet to see the best of Deron Williams too

    • wait.. howard is hurt, you might want to reconsider a deron/someone else for murphy/charlie v

    • im going to give you advice and you better follow what i say: TAKE THE TRADE!

      Beidrins will make up for rbs once he's in ball form and charlie v had a breakout streak when he had significant minutes. this trade would be distastrous if it was earlier this year but now is the most opportune time to capitalize on a great opportunity to improve your squad. Murphy is the only key piece that you're giving up so frankly, it's a 3 for 1. if you don't want to keep another person who will have similar stats, trade duhon for a samuel dalembert or someone who blocks and rbs since duhon's assists arent high for a pg.

    • Williams side wins your just giving up lots of rebs!!! But still you are winning so you can try to do more trades with howard and someone to get more rebs!!


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