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  • Erick Joon Erick Joon Dec 25, 2009 9:37 PM Flag

    Lakers Cavs game

    Am i the only one that thinks that was the most bullshit game i have seen in my life. I mean come on. Kobe didnt get one call and everytime Lebron got touched they called a foul. And the biggest piss off is if Kobe even got one call Lebron would whine about it. Im getting sick of this, oh and there is no way im watching ESPN today to see them ride Lebrons nuts all night.
    What do you guys think?

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    • I'm glad I didn't pay a scalper BIG BUCKS to see that game at Staples... and I wanted to badly. Whew, I dodge that airball!


    • i agree with that. I don't like the lakers but that was one lop sided game. And kobe is a way better player the lebron. Lebron my dunk and do all that but i would rather have Kobe with the ball in the final seconds because if he gets fouled. He is money at the line. Lebron, 79% at the line, Come man

    • Hell yea Lebron and the Cavs killed it on that one and there shouldnt be any kinds of excuses, Fisher and Odom r fags playing nasty defense and still got their ass kicked! Lebron values his team performance way more than his own performance, that's why hes the MAN in that game and Kobe better stop making that Bi*chface and accept the lose!

    • most bull***it game u have ever seen? And have u seen yesterday's game BOS @ ORL!? It was more and more bull**it game than CLE @ LAL, which in my opinion was not so bad...

    • don't be so angry on the result of this game.. this is just a regular match and losing is a part of success.. just learn from your mistakes and make it right next time .. regular season , i think, is just a ticket for the playoffs.. the playoffs really shows how great is the team.. we all know last year that cleveland is in the top of the race on the end of the season but what happened to them in the playoffs?? they lost in six games!! what happened to the lakers?? they were put on to the test by an undermanned rockets!! just continue to watch ball games to monitor your fantasy players and don't mind the standings.. they are just numbers and they can change in a short period of time..

    • wow.. why are you whining so much? kobe is the player that gets away with the most in the NBA so i think its great that he finally gets calls against him.

    • your a pretty good job of whining yourself....and i can see your a kobe fan which is fine but you cant cry about how often Lebron was whining cause Kobe whines the most about any call that goes against him or his team.....I will agree that LA didnt get calls go their way but you cant blaim a loss on the refs...kobe was the only one who came to play today for the Lakers

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      • well..ive been a basketball fan since i was a kid..and as a fan..like all of us are..if our team gets badly beaten..and lost the game..it could only be the REF or the COACH that we always blame...:) lets just accept the fact that in every game, there is always a winner and a loser...and tonight, its my CAVS who was given the present from SANTA..merry Christmas everyone...

    • I think the worst game in history would be the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

      Kings vs Lakers.
      Can't argue that.
      Enough said.

    • Here we go. Fans whining about calls in a game because their team lost. If it was the other way around, there wouldn't a word from you, just from the cavs fans. The fact of the matter is, with or without a few bad calls, kobe and crew got out played tonight. It was like watching a jv highschool team vs. a college team. Kobe of all people should know that sometimes (and for kobe this is very rare), but sometimes you just don't get all the calls. SO SHUT UP AND PLAY. Jackson is a great coach, one of the best, but what a whining bitch. The guy can't lose one game without making mention of how there must be some sort of conspiracy between the refs and the game, he's a great coach, but a sore loser. All you haters out there need to man up just like the precious lakers (and I'm a kobe fan by the way) and deal with it. Bad calls were not the reason why the lakers were beat by almost TWENTY POINTS. It was because they were outplayed, period. If you think otherwise, good luck proving it because all you'll find is a standard fan who is pissed off because his team was beat bad today, and that happens everyday.
      It's easy to understand why kobe and laker fans feel that way though. Kobe of all players is treated like a pregnant woman on the court and gets EVERY FREAKIN CALL imaginable, always. He gets away with everything and gets nothing called on him, because he's kobe. So when one game, he actually gets called like a normal player, even maybe called a little harder than lebron, we hear this bitchy whining. Just shut up and be a real fan and deal with the fact that kobe and co. sucked today.

    • stop crying, kobe gets all the calls all the time like in the bucks game last week! kobe is a dick sucker just like you

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