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  • Ryan Ryan Dec 2, 2009 10:26 PM Flag

    I want more assists for my team, who should I trade for some big name assisters?

    I am tied for first place for my roto league sitting at 74 points but I've been as high as 81 points. While I like my team for the most part, I don't have very many assists compared to my counterparts, who have more than me with fewer games under their belts. Roy is my top assister sitting at 103 assists last time I checked, but he's about my only good player for assists. I want somebody that can dish out assists without turning the ball over like S. Nash. But anyways here's my team.

    M. Chalmers
    J. Terry
    R. Stuckey
    B. Roy
    K. Martin
    C. Bosh
    A. Horford
    B. Wallace (added today for more rebs, dumped U. Haslem)
    A. Bargnani
    C. Frye
    C. Brewer
    R. Gomes
    A. Blatche

    Can you give me any suggestions on who you think I could get without trading Bosh or Roy?

    I like my team for the most part, but I have so much inconsistency as of lately. Thanks for your suggestions.

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