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  • Thomas Thomas Nov 30, 2009 1:48 AM Flag

    Head-To-Head against opposition...

    So yeah, here's my dilemma, I have a pretty good team, but, I checked, and through 9 weeks I will always have less games than my opponent. It is currently almost week 6 and I am averaging 6 less games a week than my opponent. I didn't go as far as week 10, because I am now depressed. Has anyone ever heard of this happening, and is there any chance I can make a mid-late surge, as I will be a good 10-15+ games our of the Top 6 by the end of week 9 thanks to this scheduling malfunction...

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    • well that means you have alot of activity in your league.. in otherwords.. players are being dropped and added to their rosters to get the most games out of them.. when i get in a tough game battling for top spot i usually have one or two players that are expendible.. so i will look at what days they play and will dump then after they play two games . then pick up another player that is playing friday through saturday and get 5 games out of one position.. if you have a good team i wouldnt recommend doing this .. too much.. keep your good players.

    • i would stick with it you already gone so far now, never heard of it. but the games at end might make you a stud through the playoffs.


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