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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 27, 2009 4:20 PM Flag

    Possible Trade!!! Calderon/ R Wallace and Alston

    Free throws are a real weak spot for me. Aswell as field goal shooting and assits arent a huge problem right now but im dropping a little. Same with 3 pointers. I was thinking to trade Rafer Alston and Rasheed Wallace for Jose Calderon. Then picking up Tayshaun Prince since hes starting to get healthier. Advice? Heres my team if you have any other ideas. League is 16 deep H2H.

    Team: James Harden, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Josh Smith, Rasheed Wallace, Rafer Alston, Terrence Williams, Daniel Gibson, Emeaka Okafor, Chris Andersen, Stephen Curry, Steve Blake, Tyson Chandler.


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    • if someone accepts it m8 do it, i personally wouldnt do it if i was getting sheed and skip. Calderon is way better than what your offering up so id personally think you need to add something else or increase the players value on the trading block.
      you could always go down another path and try trading 4 rondo and D howard and then tank on ft% but improve elsewhere as jsmith will hurt your ft% big time also.

    • Your acting like im asking for LeBron. Calderon is good but im putting up solid players for him. Alston drops dimes and Sheed drops 3's. The same thing Calderon does. The bright spot in the trade is your getting two solid players in exchange for one.

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      • I personally wouldn't accept a trade for Alston and Sheed for Calderon. Maybe Alston and Blake but it's pushing it. Prince doesn't really help much for you except for points and being average player throughout for blk, stl, reb, ast, but the way he started he wasn't playing very well. hopefully he recovers fully and gets back into shape. Good Luck!

      • You answered your own question, the thing is m8 they get 2 average(solid) players that combined are about the same stats wise as calderon so why would they accept...What are they gaining and who would they drop thats worse than the players you offered up. Calderon has had a bad start and will improve, his ft% is under 800 for example. Sheed and skip who knows. Its only my opinion so do with it what you want. I could say thats a sweet trade but its not in my opinion. Good luck with it anyway.

    • Do it calderon is a better overrall player and fits all of your expectations!


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