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  • G D G D Feb 6, 2009 11:59 AM Flag

    what's wronr with my team?

    OK i play in a h2h league with 8 teams got some serious names on my team but damn i'm last don understand y
    here is my team

    Al Harrington
    Ben Gordon
    Ronnie brewer

    don ask how i got those all players i had the 1st pick in the draft
    got any idea y my team sucks or some trades i should make
    IMO i got too many players from the same team

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    • trade tmac artest and monta= get nash,duncan, or melo

    • injuries...Ginobili, artest, t-mac, randolph, harrington, monta....

    • ya agreeing with some of the previous posts, injuries have for sure hurt your team. also your FG% must be terrible with kidd, crawford, artest, harrington and monta. Look to use some of the strengths of these players to make trades with other teams for an improved FG%.

      you also only have 1 big man (howard) that can get you blocks. you clearly have a thing for 3point shooters and probably have good steals but look to get someone like al jefferson or tim duncan to pair along side howard.

    • they dont know how to spell

    • they way i see it, you have too many scorers and people who cause turnovers. try trading away tmac gordon and gay for people like garnett james or even al jefferson. But u definetly need more of a diverse team

    • Well i'll agree with some of the other posters, not a real strong team for an 8 team league.. Obviously injuries have hurt you (ellis, ginobli, tmac, artest)... Crawford and Harrington both set you back in FG% A LOT... I'd look to shop one if not both of them or drop them for someone on the waiver wire that is shooting a decent FG%.. Other than Kidd, Rondo, Kobe i don't see anyone on your team that is a consistent contributor in assists.. You've got a strong core group w/ Kobe, Howard, Pierce, and Kidd.. Crawford, Harrington, Artest, Tmac are are tradable/droppable in my opinion, depending on how much you are suffering in FG% and TO's...

    • You need more PF and C - seems like you most likely are losing in REBs and FG% almost every time...pick up centers who are 10 and 10 daily - there should be some available since you are on an 8 team league. drop non-starters, even if they are good. Finally trade Tmac for a good Center - Artest is not going to give you good stats either as he is only a defensive guy
      Trade Ginobilil for a Center/PF -
      Trade for Camby or Yao.

    • your in a 8 man league, thats how you got those names, also you need guys that do more than just score, i know you have d howard, and j kidd, but in a 8 man league you need at least half your roster to be able to get you at least 5 rebs and 5 assists with double digit scoring every night, not to mention steals and blocks, get creative trade some of those "big names" for guys that actually contribute in a fantasy league. an example would be to look at the whole madison square garden, kobe vs lebron thing, sure kobe scoring 61 points was awesome, but he only filled one part of the stat sheet, lebron had 11 assist and 9 rebs to go along with 52 pts, ill take that any day of the week over a bunch of points

    • your no all around good enough in an 8 man league

    • never mind, i just saw kobe!

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